A Font Inspired by Too Many Energy Drinks
"Disclaimer: An unhealthy amount of energy drinks were consumed while creating this product." So states Set Sail Studios regarding this fabulous, colorful explosion that also spells words: New Retro. Set Sail's Sam Parrett is the one sacrificing his health so we can take a retro trip to the high-energy '80s and '90s—when energy drinks contained ingredients that are now banned in the USA. This bold, bright superset is roughly bookended by break dancing's break out and the aforementioned
Wild Star Font Duo Rocks Hard, Rides Free
If you don't like heavy metal, okay—fair enough. Many don't, and that's fine. And there are times when even the most ardent metal fan would rather hear birdsong than Judas Priest. The morning after a Judas Priest concert, for example. But most people most of the time have at least a couple powerful numbers that get their heart rate up, and some make a lifestyle out of heavy rock and hard living. Heavy Metal communicates certain images and ideas that are almost universally agreed
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