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Belfast Grotesk: A Contemporary Classic Sans Serif From TypoBureau Studio
Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, TypoBureau Studio is a graphic design and typography studio that creates a variety type designs for graphic design professionals around the world. One of their more recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Belfast Grotesk, a contemporary sans serif that “was influenced by the grotesk typefaces developed in the early 20th century.” With Belfast Grotesk, TypoBureau followed the best traditions of grotesk typefaces, providing “a good amount of contrast
Add Rich Vintage Texture With ATOMICA Mid-Century Effects Kit
While digital designs are essentially little more than pixels on a screen, visual texture is an asset that cannot be overlooked. Texture can help to shift the mood of a design or illustration while also adding a perfect finishing touch, taking your work to an entirely new level of awesome. When it comes to incorporating texture in digital work, True Grit Texture Supply is one of the best resources out there. Established by Andrew Fairclough in 2016, the studio is dedicated to crafting
Exploring the Elements of Midcentury Graphic Design
For all the technological advances we enjoy in our fast-paced world, we are still inherently drawn toward design elements from the mid-1900s and it's a trend that really shows no signs of stopping. The fact is that nostalgia sells — and it probably always will. Midcentury graphic design, sometimes known as midcentury modern or “mid-mod,” first emerged as a response to the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 30s, an era that prized opulence and luxury and all things just a little bit over
Maritime Champion: A Nautical Clarendon-Style Display Font
Kyle Wayne Benson is a web developer, designer, and typographer from Utah. He got his start doing flash animation as a teenager, an activity he considers to be the “gateway drug” for what would eventually become his career. After working as a web developer for a number of years, he received certification in type design and went on to establish Very Cool Studio in 2017, an online store, type foundry, and design studio. This venture is combined with his personal foundry label, Fonts by
New Seamless Geometric Patterns From Hello Mart: Geoline
Established by Margaret Penney, Hello Mart is a surface design shop and graphic design asset store, as well as a fine art gallery that features work from select creators. Hello Mart offers a varied array of art packs, textures, patterns, graphics and photography stills for graphic design projects, as well as decor accents, bags, and fabric prints. Penney is a skilled designer who’s worked in package and print design, type design, branding, and art direction. She has a particular gift
A Vector Jedi Delivers The Mid-Century Nature Vector Art Kit
Lots of things fade in and out of fashion. Parachute pants. Mullets. Bling grillz. Layered polos with popped collars. And everyone's favorite: mom jeans. One thing that never seems to go out of style hails from midcentury America. There's something about the quintessential design elements from the iconic decade that just speaks to everyone, regardless of age. It's made a real comeback in the world of graphic design over recent years, but we have to wonder... did it ever really
Articulat Sans by Connary Fagen
Articulat CF is a new take on the timeless Swiss typography style. Strong, sharp and well-spoken, Articulat was built from scratch to be versatile, charismatic and legible. Always in style, use it for a hit of mid-century beauty – reimagined for the 21st century with more flavor and individuality.   Download Articulat CF Font Articulat CF was published by Connary Fagen on October 12,
Jeames by Kyle Wayne Benson
Kyle Wayne Benson is back this month with a great new release, Jeames. Jeames brings familiarity to the often detached feeling extended serif genre. The curved, heavy, joints let the letters bounce along while the proportions and contrast keep your eyes grounded. This mid century inspired family of three weights is intended for large titles and display. The set includes language support, opentype fractions, and other fun glyphs. Download Jeames Font Jeames was published by Kyle
Download Maritime Champion Stencil
Kyle Wayne Benson is back this month with a stencil addition to his Maritime Champion design. Maritime Champion Stencil comes in 4 different styles with buying options starting from just $6, or download the Complete Family (4 fonts) for just $16. Make no mistake, Maritime Champion is not simply seaworthy. This peacoat grubbing, all hands on decking, accordion serenading font is not for the faint of heart. He's all caps all the time. Even the lightest of his six weights is enough to
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