Beyond Helvetica: Exploring the Diverse World of Swiss Style Fonts
At YouWorkForThem, we appreciate the impact Swiss Style has had on design, modern font design and typography. To celebrate its enduring influence, we've put together this comprehensive guide to help you understand and embrace the principles of Swiss Style in your own creative work. In this article, we'll delve into the history, key features, and contemporary applications of Swiss Style, while showcasing a selection of our meticulously crafted font designs that embody its core
Archeron Pro Revisits Neo-Classical Style Through High Contrast Serifs
Olivier Gourvat is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in just about every graphic design discipline including illustration and 3D illustration, motion graphics, advertising, branding, and typography. Olivier grew up surrounded by the visual arts. The son of a sign painter, he spent his childhood “surrounded by billboards, signs, and hand-painted letters.” The apple didn’t fall very far from the tree, with Olivier naturally gravitating toward a similar field. He learned
Ariana Pro: A Contemporary Geometric Sans From Mostardesign
Olivier Gourvat may have begun his career in graphic design 25 years ago, but he grew up surrounded by his father’s lettering, hand-painted signage, and billboards. The son of a sign painter, Olivier enjoyed an early education in illustration and painting techniques that eventually led to his own pursuit of a career in the visual arts. In 2004, Olivier established his own independent studio and foundry, Mostardesign, in the South West of France. His first font was released in 2009 and
Foundry Favorites: Mostardesign
Foundry Favorites is our new blog series that brings focus to the personal favorites of designers, studios, and foundries on YouWorkForThem. Continuing this series, we spoke with Olivier Gourvat from Mostardesign, an independent type foundry in the South West of France. Having worked in the field of graphic design himself, Olivier has a deep understanding of the industry's needs and he has made it his mission to create type designs that offer a lot of versatility. Filson Soft is
Magnetic Pro Brings A Modern Edge To Classic Typewritten Monoline
A peaceful, quiet village in the South West of France is home to Mostardesign, an independent studio and type foundry established by Olivier Gourvat in 2004. His affection for typography began early in his impressionable youth, being surrounded by the hand crafted artistry found within his father's sign painting workshop. A literary artist in his own right, Olivier's father shared his knowledge and lettering techniques with his son, an education that certainly left a mark on the career Oliver
Meticulous Artistry Meets Limitless Flexibility With Mostardesign
Located in the picturesque South West of France, Mostardesign is an independent studio owned and operated by Olivier Gourvat. While many French foundries are located in the bustling hub of Paris, Olivier's studio resides in a small village far from the noise of the capital, granting favor to his preferred lifestyle. With a strong focus on type design, Mostardesign has been hard at work creating professional visual communications for clients throughout the world since its inception in
Strato Pro by Mostardesign
Mostardesign has been putting out quality fonts for the past few years, like Sofia Pro and Interval, and their latest design Strato Pro is no exception. As well, they have launched this new serif font family with an amazing 85% off promotion. That means you can download the Complete Family (16 fonts) for just $59. Strato Pro font family is a modern serif typeface family with readability and legibility in mind. Inspired by Classic Roman typeface design, Strato Pro has 16 weights,
Metronic Slab Pro, designed by Mostardesign
Mostardesign is back this month with a great new slab-serif design, Metronic Slab Pro. Bonus, enjoy a special 70% off the Complete Family (12 fonts) until October 17, 2013. Metronic Slab Pro is a slab serif typeface with a technological and minimalist look for text and headlines. It has six versatile weights from Air to Black with an alternative glyph set to improve its use in different graphic contexts. Metronic Pro has a wide range of OpenType features such as: old style
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