A Bold Sans-Serif Paired With a Handwritten Script
Established by Sam Parrett, Set Sail Studios is one of YouWorkForThem’s most popular type foundries for handcrafted brush scripts, securing spots in our Top Ten Fonts of the Year list in  2015, 2016, 2017, and again in 2018. Sam spent several years working as a graphic designer for the music industry, a sector that prizes individuality and artistic flair — characteristics that can be seen in each and every one of his type designs. We spoke to him recently to learn more about his
Silver South Pairs An Expressive Script With A Sophisticated Serif
Sam Parrett is a UK graphic designer who spent years working in the music business, an industry that's driven by passion. It's little wonder, then, why his type designs evoke so much emotion. Sam prefers to take a hands-on approach to every design, a process that enables him to breathe character and raw emotion into every brush stroke. To that end, most of his work is of a brush script nature. Emotive and strong, his work is consistently among the top performers at YouWorkForThem. Every type
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