Mocking the Past with Cassette Tape Mockups
Hey, Indieground, leave us 1980s veterans in peace! Sure, we know those cassette tapes. They were in our collection when we deejayed the junior high dance in 1981. Turntables? Mixes? Mashups? Nope. We brought our Panasonic tape player from home, and we played your cassettes into a microphone that was taped onto the table and connected to the school's Public Announcement System. A rocking setup for a rocking evening where we didn't stop believing and we approached our first crush with Open
Plastic Textures: This Bubble Wrap Pops
"Vintage" indicates something from a past era, or something new designed to have the appearance of the past. So although the word works to describe most of Indieground's products, it's not a perfect fit. The reason for that resides in the sheer perfection of Indieground's renditions. They are so convincing, that calling them "vintage" in the sense of new things designed to appear old doesn't do them justice. Nor do they have the dusty, found appearance of actual items from the past, like a
Dreadnoughtus Extended: A Strong Sans Serif With Wide Proportions
Akbar Ar-rohman is the graphic designer, creative director, and typographer behind Harmnessless Type, a studio and foundry based in Indonesia. Harmnessless Type is known for crafting type designs with a sleek, contemporary edge and their most recent release through YouWorkForThem, Dreadnoughtus Extended, is no exception. Dreadnoughtus Extended is a bold display sans serif with wide, open proportions. This type family speaks with clarity and strength, offering excellent legibility even in
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