A Dripping and Melting Font Design
Here you are again, trying to select a birthday gift for those two difficult girls, those twin cousins of yours that make you uneasy for some reason—especially when you visit that remote hotel they live in, and see them standing at the end of a hallway holding hands asking you to come play with them. Geez, they're tough to buy for. Last year they didn't touch that dollhouse you picked out, instead spending the evening toying with the Zwilling kitchen knives you got their father as a
Hauntingly Awesome Halloween Stock Imagery
Halloween just isn't Halloween without effective visual effects that set the mood for some truly bone-chilling terror. YouWorkForThem has some seriously incredible stock photography and graphics that can be used for a variety of disturbing applications. If you have a history of heart problems or if you scare into a coma easily, we suggest you proceed with caution... This anxiety-inducing photograph by Maria Jauregui Ponte illustrates one of the most common childhood fears known to man.
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