Slashed Zero

Ariana Pro: A Contemporary Geometric Sans From Mostardesign
Olivier Gourvat may have begun his career in graphic design 25 years ago, but he grew up surrounded by his father’s lettering, hand-painted signage, and billboards. The son of a sign painter, Olivier enjoyed an early education in illustration and painting techniques that eventually led to his own pursuit of a career in the visual arts. In 2004, Olivier established his own independent studio and foundry, Mostardesign, in the South West of France. His first font was released in 2009 and
Magnetic Pro Brings A Modern Edge To Classic Typewritten Monoline
A peaceful, quiet village in the South West of France is home to Mostardesign, an independent studio and type foundry established by Olivier Gourvat in 2004. His affection for typography began early in his impressionable youth, being surrounded by the hand crafted artistry found within his father's sign painting workshop. A literary artist in his own right, Olivier's father shared his knowledge and lettering techniques with his son, an education that certainly left a mark on the career Oliver
The Future Is Here And Now: Plau Launches Odisseia Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Plau is a creative studio with a strong focus on brand and type identity. Founded by graphic designer Rodrigo Saiani, Plau works primarily with small to midsize business and start-up clients, combining artistry, inspiration, and technical skill to sculpt their clients' individual brands. Understanding the important role typography plays when establishing a visual identity, the studio has experienced a great deal of success,
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