An Ideal Font for Social Media and Headlines
If you need a perfect font for social media posts and headlines, here is Vintage Forge. This strong, bold font duo/trio provides endless design possibilities that will get likes clicking and eyes locked in. Vintage Forge comes in Regular, Condensed, and Script. For bold statements, use Regular. For simplicity, try Condensed. For vintage designs, use Script. For endless possibilities, combine them however you want. Vintage Forge: "the perfect combination of professionalism and creativity.
A First Class Branding Font for Today’s Graphic Designers
First Class has a clean, modern look that is perfect for branding and logo design. First Class says sporty luxury, on-the-go, classic yet timeless. It is excellent for visual identity, luxury goods, package design, social media posts, poster art, book titles, and more—any situation that requires that first class sparkle. And while this luxury serif family can be used in vintage design settings, it can also evoke a fresh, cutting-edge modernity that is completely in-the-now. Plus, First
A Fantastic Decorative Font for Instagram Marketing & Much More
"Just earlier this month, I brought you an amazing sans & serif font duo and you loved it. This time, I am upgrading the game and I am launching a mix of modern & classic, a brand new sans & script font duo French Lovers." You've got to love the confidence of SilverStag, especially when it's delivered with the leisurely bravado of someone who knows they're right. Hence, French Lovers Font Duo. The striking contrast between the sans serif font and the script font visually blossom
A Great Photoshop Effect that Raises Your Game
This great photo effect for Adobe Photoshop adds instant professionalism and class to fashion shots, stylish advertisements, photo portfolios, branding, packaging, social media, visual identity, posters, mobile apps, and more. Create moments of accidental genius that are anything but with this photoshop effect: you will be totally in charge of glitching colors and new mysterious shades. Add mood magic that inspires, moves, and markets. In the words of Pixelbuddha, "Visual experiments always
Buona, The Bold & Sporty Design Choice
Outfit Branding and Design asked: "What happens if we take a classic old style diagonal axis and reverse it?” Their answer is Buona, an attention-grabbing display font "inspired by the rich history and lineage of Italian type." The designers state that Buona has "tons of boldness and a little bit of eccentricity, along with sophisticated details that hold up at very large sizes. With a wide range of expression and personality, it can be used for everything from fashion labels to
Create Beautiful Instagram Stories With Instaquote Lettering Kit
While Sam Parrett was working as a graphic designer in the music industry, he got his first taste of type design when he decided to craft a font from a rejected hand-drawn logo. At first, it was just a fun experiment to see what he could create, but he quickly found himself becoming fascinated with the process. That one simple project would go on to shape the course of his career – shifting his focus toward typography. Sam established Set Sail Studios as a website and online store,
Paint the Town Red with Abstract Forms!
Geometrica Bureau uses basic colors and shapes to create complex, positive results. "Complex" because the Bureau understands that their collection does far more than beautify. Let's start with a simple demonstration: By adding geometric and abstract shapes and loads of color, not only did Tirana, Albania go from drab to gorgeous, but the residents got happy and the city got safer and cleaner. And more residents made sure to pay their taxes. Check it out. You will get the same effects
Waverly CF: An Art Deco Masterpiece from Connary Fagen
The first Art Deco type was created by Cassandre in 1929. It was called Bifur, and its brilliant combination of thick and thin illustrates how simplicity can be endlessly complicated, full of visual depth and emotive power. Bifur evokes intelligence, cutting-edge, forward thinking. It perfectly complements the analogous architectural and artistic movements of the time while remaining modern today. Its force and appearance are timeless. Connary Fagen's appreciation of Art Deco has led to
Volte Face: Script and Serif As One
Stéphanie Brusick is a globally successful designer, and it's big, solid success. A long list of world-renowned clients and publications choose her work again and again: Lacoste, Four Seasons Hotels, Sony Playstation, Avon Cosmetics, Bacardi-Martini, Happy Officine, Sigg, Bistrot name a few. Her work can even be seen covering Geneva street cars. That's 1st Prize work, by the way. Hence ending up on trains. In sum, Ms. Brusick is not a one-hit wonder, she's consistently at the top,
Maine from Finland: Another Emil Bertell Font Masterpiece
When people in Finland create fonts based on the U.S. state of Maine, a good result might be expected based on similar inspiring characteristics. The people of these lands of firs, birches, lakes, and fresh air respect and are inspired by nature. Indeed, there are many partnerships between Finland and Maine based on their shared reverence for nature, such as this. In the collective imagination, both Finland and Maine conjure images of green and blue: forests, lakes, pristine coasts.
Pixelbuddha: Funky Gradient Textures and Way Beyond
Pixelbuddha is a premier design company offering a full range of services including fonts, animation, vectors, mockups, textures, photos, and much, much more. Consider their Wine Bottle Mockup when you breathe life into a forgotten vineyard, or their Fusion E-Commerce UI Kit that will allow you to customize every detail of your world-renowned new business. And beyond just offering a gigantic range of services, each PIxelbuddha product offers a universe of possibility within itself—each
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