The Wonders Of OpenType And Our Swash Collection
  You might be surprised at just how many fonts have OpenType features and what they can do for you. Think of a font as a bag of frozen peas. We know that sounds totally ridiculous, but hear us out. On the surface, that bag contains nothing more than exactly what it says on the label: Peas. If you look closer, that bag of peas actually has a hole in it - OpenType - and it's the happy place where someone stashed candy bars, special treats that have been tucked away just out of
YouWorkForThem Provides Custom Font License For Paperless Post
The design-driven, online/printed stationery company Paperless Post added the YouWorkForThem fonts YWFT Victoria and YWFT Trithart to their service, allowing their huge user base to customize greetings, invitations, birth announcements, wedding suites, and custom stationery. Paperless Post's partners include leading fashion designers like Kate Spade, Kelly Wearstler, and Oscar de la Renta, and their focus is on beautiful, functional design. It made sense for them to partner with the
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