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TypeFolio Digital Foundry
In my 15 years as an art director and graphic designer, I have grown to appreciate typography's enormous importance and power in presenting ideas and concepts. Now more than ever, typography has captured my attention. I have felt increasingly compelled to seriously produce my own type designs in light of certain developments, such as the advent of the Internet, the access to font editing software, the growing abundance of specialized literature, and my discovery of a community that is crazy about typography. My ultimate goal and continual motivation is to offer typefaces that in some way infuse the message, and more specifically the letters, with a real sense of value that they deserve. Marconi Lima
TypeFolio Digital Foundry has contributed 7 products.
Font Designer Ranking: 198
Highest Rank Achieved: 72
Adriane Swash
Adriane Lux
Adriane Text
Madre Script
Petala Pro
Stevie Sans
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