Stefan Kjartansson

Stefan Kjartansson
Born and raised in Iceland, Stefán Kjartansson (kuh-yaRT-an-soen) got his BA from Iceland Arts in 1993. After illustrating children’s books and comics, he expanded his range to graphic design, art direction and digital design. As soon as the internet reached the shores of Reykjavík, an opportunity in Atlanta presented itself. In 1995 Stefán joined as creative director. After the birth of his son Thor in 2000, he co-founded the digital agency Armchair Media and has directed projects for a wide range of clients from MA! to PVH to Coca-Cola. As a creative outlet, Stefán continues designing typefaces, including Reykjavik and Armchair Modern with PSY/OPS and Black Slabbath, Cumulus and Foam and Cinderblock were released with YouWorkForThem.
Stefan Kjartansson has contributed 3 products
Font Designer Ranking: 30
Highest Rank Achieved: 18
YWFT Black Slabbath
Cumulus and Foam

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