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Pinch Remix isn't a designed font. This font was made from the idea of don't pursue beauty intentionally. I wrote the characters unconsciously with a drawing pen, and made Pinch Remix by then tracing the drawings in the computer.
Pinch Remix Pinch Remix Pinch Remix Pinch Remix Pinch Remix Pinch Remix Pinch Remix Pinch Remix Pinch Remix
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Posted on May 16, 2011
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Pinch Remix is a recreated version of a typeface I made in 2007. The form hasn’t changed at all, but I composed the family by increasing the weight and revising the spacing and kerning. At first it was created from randomly drawing an alphabet offhand on paper with a drawing pen. Then I figured that perhaps it had the framework for a typeface. Originally because it was just a memo, it was destined to be thrown away. It was something I had already thrown in the trash once. Yet something about it caught me, and when I turned to look down at it, I couldn’t throw it away.
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