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Uncertain is a unique and organic script/handwriting font.
Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain
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Posted on May 16, 2011
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I wanted to write some thick letters. I wrote them in one quick breath, and thought that it was essentially myself. It’s distorted, flat, and dull, but it has a certain harmony to it. Coincidentally, I think it became a typeface that I wrote out of necessity, where it’s imperfectness and uncertainness comes with its own policy. Really though, there’s no kind of policy.

Another interpretation would be…
If you define typeface design, and that definition is freely creating work through careful technique, this typeface would not be considered design. Of course, I don’t think of the definition of typeface design in that way. I drew all the letters by hand. There is not one letter that has been misconstrued. I kept the ‘A’ in the Thin, Regular, and Fat versions the same and didn’t make them thicker or thinner. Still, I think I succeeded in making these distorted letters into a font set. As for the reason why, it’s because they were letters written by a single human being. I didn’t design this typeface. That’s because it means it would have to have been made by applying elaborate techniques. I drew it randomly and easily on a piece of paper, using a PILOT brand Super Petit felt-tip pen I had on hand. I didn’t have to tear it up and rewrite it over and over. I used the letters that I had written there and then. It’s unsteady, but I believe has its own harmony somehow.
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