Can I Create Numerous Products with a Single License?

Yes, you can. With our basic Stock Art license and the Items for Resale extension, you can create a multitude of graphics-intensive products or variations of products as needed. The only condition is that the total number of units doesn’t exceed 250,000. This applies to both physical and digital items.

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Is the License Valid Indefinitely?

Absolutely. Our Stock Art license and the Items for Resale extension are global and perpetual by default. This means your license remains valid indefinitely, unless you exceed the 250,000 units limit.

What About Third-Party Retailers and Wholesalers?

If a third-party retailer or wholesaler wants to sell your products, either physically or online, this is also covered by your Items for Resale extension for stock graphics. The key point is that only one party needs to purchase a license and extension for a specific item for a specific use case. As long as 250,000 or fewer total instances of use are being created, you’re all set.

What If I Need to Create More Than 250,000 Instances of Use?

In that case, you will need to extend for Large Volume Commercial use. Quotes for this extension are typically based on duration (e.g. 1 year, 3 years, perpetual) and territory (e.g. US only, Europe only, worldwide), and we structure the fees as a one-time payment.

Need More Clarification?

As always, please contact us for your specific situation. We are happy to help you sort it out. At YouWorkForThem, we are committed to providing the most usable and affordable design resources while ensuring easy accessibility and understanding of our terms.