Designer Mark Simonson revamped and expanded upon his six original Proxima Sans designs to create the insanely popular Proxima Nova font collection that designers around the world know and love today.

With clean, modern lines and easy legibility even at very small point sizes, it’s no wonder that Proxima Nova is highly sought after, and you can see it in use everywhere you look. Instagram uses Proxima Nova for all of the text on its website, there it is on the BuzzFeed Motion Pictures studio in Los Angeles, and you can’t miss it on the poster for the first season of American Horror Story. Proxima Nova is downright gorgeous on Need Supply’s website, and it lends an incredibly sleek sexiness to the 606 Tumblr theme.

Available in eight weights and three widths, Proxima Nova is a multifaceted family made up of 48 fonts versatile enough for just about any application. All widths and weights have matching true italics, each letter created from scratch and adjusted to remove the warped appearance of traditionally skewed oblique letters.


For those designers using applications that support OpenType and/or Unicode, the Proxima Nova font offers alternate characters, automatic fractions, dingbats, automatic ordinals, extended language and currency support, lining and oldstyle figures, and matching small caps for each weight and width.

Proxima Nova is a distinctive and refreshing font family that deserves a place in every designer’s arsenal. If you have questions about Proxima Nova, contact us today for more information.