The Hanken Design Company is based in the Philippines. Hanken produces intelligent, functional fonts that are well designed and easy to use.

The studio’s work is defined by readability, flexibility, and a blend of modern and classic. Hanken fonts can be seen around the world. Please take a moment to explore their Instagram page.

Hanken creates fonts for almost any project. These well-designed fonts are a great addition to any graphic design toolbox. They exemplify typography’s characteristic blend of the functional and the artistic.

Radnika Next embodies Hanken’s considered approach. The updated font is beautiful yet subtle. This sans serif typeface is perfect in its space: a solid workhorse ready for application anywhere in the world. The font’s nearly endless options give it astounding flexibility and appeal.

According to Hanken, Radnika was a sans serif font to be used instead of “Helvetica, Akzidenz Grotesk, Trade Gothic, or Univers.” In other words, broad use was a major consideration. The resulting Radnika font was effective and beautiful.

Now, the spectacular font Radnika Next improves on the original. Per Hanken Design, Radnika Next enhances the geometry, kerning, spacing and ligature handling of Radnika. Like its forerunner, Radnika Next suggests both expressive 19th typefaces of the 19th century and sterner 20th century typefaces. The font is perfectly balanced in this respect.


With 18 styles in six weights and extensive language support, Radnika Next has broad appeal. This is a clean, functional typeface for almost any use. It is excellent for mobile, web, branding, corporate communications, art projects, advertising, signage, body text, social media, educational materials, print media. Anywhere a rational, easy to use workhorse is needed.

Please consider everything we have on offer from Hanken Design. Their fonts are readable and easy to use, from the smooth, futuristic HK Modular to the simple and clear¬†Hans Kendrick. Hanken Design’s subtle brilliance will surely find a home in your project, whatever it is and wherever you are. Hanken Design are masters of the craft.


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