As we traverse the rich landscape of typography, the term “Grotesk font” often emerges. Grotesk, or “Grotesque,” refers to a sans-serif typeface style that originated in the 19th century and remains popular in contemporary graphic design. While the Akzidenz-Grotesk font has been a defining example of this style, a new contender, the Grissee font, is quickly garnering attention.

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The Advent of MN Grissee

Created by the Mantra Naga Type Foundry, MN Grissee emerges as a uniquely versatile addition to the Grotesk family of fonts. As a sans-serif typeface, MN Grissee embodies the clear, legible characteristics of Grotesk fonts, yet pushes the envelope with its expansive selection of glyphs and unique rounded facets.


Rich, Versatile Type Design Features

Expertly crafted, MN Grissee is proud to showcase its 436 glyphs, thereby providing immense flexibility for a wide array of applications. Precisely due to this versatile nature, it becomes an ideal choice for diverse web and graphic design projects. Adding to its charm, its rounded facets infuse a breath of modernity and approachability, thus setting it apart from its Grotesk peers.


A Comprehensive Typeface

Furthermore, the MN Grissee font family is quite expansive, embodying a total of 48 fonts. These span across three practical widths, namely, condensed, normal, and expanded. Additionally, it offers a spectrum of eight weights, ranging from the feather-light ‘thin’ to the visually commanding ‘extrabold’. Also included are two distinct styles: the dependable regular and the expressive italic. Such a comprehensive array paves the way for designers to experiment freely, discover the ideal match for their project, and ultimately push creative boundaries.


Optimized for the Professional Designer

Professionals in the graphic design realm will appreciate MN Grissee’s extensive OpenType features. These include pro kerning for ideal character spacing, stylistic alternates for added aesthetic variety, and swashes for decorative flourishes. A suite of standard ligatures further enhances text readability, ensuring that the designer’s message resonates with its audience.


Multilingual Support

In today’s interconnected world, a font’s ability to support multiple languages is critical. MN Grissee rises to the occasion, offering multilingual support for 89 languages. This broad language coverage allows designers to communicate effectively across geographical and cultural barriers, reflecting the truly global nature of digital resources.


Embracing MN Grissee at YouWorkForThem

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MN Grissee, a new player in the Grotesk font family, brings a unique versatility that sets it apart. It’s not just a font; it’s a comprehensive design toolkit that caters to the needs of today’s digital designers. At YouWorkForThem, we celebrate such innovation in design resources, and we’re here to facilitate your creative journey with offerings like Grissee. Our commitment to independent ownership and our dedication to supporting the design community remain steadfast. To stay updated with more exciting font releases and design inspirations, we invite you to follow us on Instagram today. Embrace the evolution of design with us at YouWorkForThem, and let’s continue to create and inspire.