In the intricate world of finance, where trust is paramount, the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) stands as a beacon of integrity. Striving to make the investment markets a public benefit, the BCSC enables individuals to achieve their financial aspirations, fosters enterprise growth, and contributes to British Columbia’s prosperity. Through smart rules, diligent oversight, strong enforcement, and reliable guidance, the BCSC acts as a guardian of the province’s investment marketplace, making British Columbia a haven for confident investors and flourishing companies.

In this pursuit of excellence, the BCSC found a design ally in Cinderblock, a typeface design that resonates with the very principles the commission upholds. Designed by Stefan Kjartansson and published exclusively by YouWorkForThem, Cinderblock is more than a mere collection of letters. It’s a statement, a philosophy. Inspired by masonry and available in eight towering heights, Cinderblock is the World’s Tallest Typeface. Its ultra-thin white spaces create a spatial rhythm, allowing letters, sentences, and paragraphs to stack together like a wall of cinder blocks. A creation of graphic designer Stefan Kjartansson, Cinderblock is delivered in OpenType format, ready to build powerful words with letters of law.

Cinderblock was chosen by the BCSC to complement the graphic and bold qualities of its logo, creating modular, expressive, and impactful title and headline treatments (see it in use here). YouWorkForThem, with its expertise in font licensing and typeface design, worked closely with the BCSC to secure the correct web font license, desktop license, and a broadcast license. This collaboration ensured that the font’s usage was seamlessly executed across all campaigns, media types, and regions.

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YouWorkForThem: The Trusted Platform for Typeface Designs

At YouWorkForThem, we offer more than just fonts. Our range of design resources extends to graphics and stock photos, all readily available for instant download. Our cash back rewards program and dedication to providing straightforward personal and corporate level font and stock art licensing have garnered the trust of many in the design industry, including the likes of Google, Mercedes, Microsoft, Netflix, Apple, and many more.

Boasting a rich 20+ year history of providing design resources for digital designers, we take pride in our corporate partnerships. Our independent ownership mirrors our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in design. The success of the BC Securities Commission’s use of Cinderblock, a typeface that embodies strength and reliability, serves as a testament to the power of typography in branding. As we forge ahead, continually expanding our library of design resources, we eagerly look forward to assisting more brands in crafting impactful and memorable designs.

In a world where the written word carries weight, the choice of typeface is not merely an aesthetic decision but a reflection of values and identity. The partnership between the BCSC and YouWorkForThem, centered around the Cinderblock typeface, is a testament to this truth. It’s a collaboration that transcends the boundaries of design and finance, and stands as a symbol of trust, integrity, and innovation.