SilverStag presents Summer Paradise—a perfect recollection of this year’s summer adventures, as the warmth fades. Summer Paradise comes in rustic, solid, and solid rustic fonts styles —each featuring light, regular, and bold font weights. It has the confident air of coincidental perfection, an effortless artistry that results in a warm, natural, gorgeous font. Summer Paradise is a creative typeface perfect for logo design, branding, posters, social media, corporate identity, package design, fashion, book titles, educational materials, brochures, visual identity, and more. It also includes full language support, punctuation, and numerals. Summer Paradise works well in text, and shines as a display font.


On Summer Paradise, SilverStag says, “I hope you will be immersed in my vision for this creative typeface that, I am sure, will work for all kinds of interesting projects you might be working on this year.” SilverStag is sure, because SilverStag is great. If you are looking for an astounding, diverse collection of display fonts and more, please consider the entire SilverStag collection. Stag has an impeccable sense for how to create visually arresting imagery that viewers won’t forget.


The Mastery and Diversity of SilverStag’s Designs

The designer moves easily through different styles and moods, with every effort seeming like the singular result of a lifetime’s work. Consider the high elegance of the modern serif font Cezanne. Inspired by modern art, it is modern art. On the other hand, consider the laid-back groove of the hand drawn font Stone and Hikers. These radically different fonts are united by perfection, while also showcasing SilverStag’s remarkable creative breadth. When it’s time to come on strong, you can’t go wrong with SilverStag.

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