AI Art Made Simple: Training License at YouWorkForThem
The revolution in the design world has begun! AI, an acronym that needs no introduction, is leaving an indelible mark across industries. In the realm of art and design, it has opened up unimaginable creative avenues, from AI-generated text to mind blowing Midjourney art and custom Stable Diffusion models. At the heart of this evolution is the tool of AI Training, using stock art to foster and guide machine learning algorithms. Here at YouWorkForThem, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our
The Art of Typeface: Bank Gothic Font and Its Variations
When it comes to the world of typography, there are few names as eminent as Morris Fuller Benton's. Known for his numerous contributions to typeface design, Benton gifted us with a timeless classic: the Bank Gothic font. Embodying an enduring charm, Bank Gothic (also see our feature collection) has been a beloved part of digital landscapes for decades. Its perfect blend of geometric rigor and subtle roundness has found its way into countless design projects. At YouWorkForThem, we appreciate
Boost Your Graphic Design Projects with YouWorkForThem
In today's visually-driven society, graphic design wields immense influence. It shapes communication and the way we consume information. Everywhere you look, from ads to social media, the work of designers shines. As designers and creatives, you need the best tools to create standout work that grabs attention and communicates effectively. That's where YouWorkForThem steps in. We offer a robust platform of resources, including fonts, stock graphics, photos, and design tools. Let this guide show
Kleyn: The Video Game Font Powering Etherfield Studio’s ‘Drop’
"Drop", the electrifying hacker/cyberpunk thriller game, is a testament to the power of well-chosen visual elements, including the all-important video game font. Understanding the crucial role that design plays in the gaming experience, Etherfield Studio meticulously selected every aspect of "Drop", right down to the ideal font for their game's UI/UX. Etherfield Studio selected Kleyn by Reghardt Grobbelaar as the perfect fit for "Drop." With its wide range of 370 glyphs and bitmap/tech
20+ Fonts Similar to Cooper Black: Perfect for Retro Designs
Evoking the spirit of bygone eras, the chunky and popular Cooper Black font brings a retro touch to your designs. Oswald Bruce Cooper initially crafted this typeface, ideal for headlines and logotypes, and larger body copy. While Cooper Black stands out with its unique playful and vintage aesthetic, many other fonts share these qualities. Whether you're looking to create a vintage design or give your project an edgy, retro feel, there are multiple options available at YouWorkForThem. We've
The 1980s: A Decade of Iconic, Eclectic and Retro Design Trends
In recent history, the 1980s style stands out as an era of vibrant colors and unforgettable subcultures. This vibrant decade, remembered fondly by Generation X and rediscovered by Millennials and Generation Z, left an indelible mark. It was a time of experimentation, flamboyance, and individuality, particularly in the realm of graphic retro design. As we revisit the 80s, we find a treasure trove of inspiration in its dynamic design trends.   1980s Retro Design: An Era of Unmatched
Creating a Glitch Text Effect in Photoshop
Our friends at Pixelbuddha are experts at creating first class design tools: Photoshop effects, logo mockups, photo effects, glitch effects, overlays, textile mockups, brushes, map creators, and more. In this special feature, Pixelbuddha presents a tutorial where you’ll create a poster design with shattered, glitch text effect. First, let us shed some light on the concept of displacement maps for Adobe Photoshop, contributing largely to all sorts of distortion effects for warping objects,
Exploring The Bones of Typography: Part Three
Understanding Typography Terms When you're reading through the product descriptions for fonts on YouWorkForThem, you'll often come across a number of strange terms that don't necessarily mean a whole lot unless you actually work in the field of typography. For type designers, a "counter" isn't just the place where the coffee pot lives, and the word, "terminal," certainly isn't referencing the closest airport or bus depot. Typographic terms can seem especially confusing when you don't know
Exploring The Bones Of Typography: Part Two
Typographic terms can seem especially confusing when you don't know exactly what they mean. In Part Two of our "Exploring The Bones Of Typography" series, we're going to get into the actual placement and spacing of letters, numbers, and punctuation. When you're reading a block of text, a lot of work actually went into making sure that it's not only legible, but comfortable to read after a font is typed out. Some parts of each letter's placement happen automatically, but there are some parts
Exploring The Bones of Typography: Part One
Typographic terms can seem downright confusing when you don't know exactly what they mean, so we thought it would be fun to do a three-part series that really digs into the bones of typography. Through a little digital archeology, we're going to explore the structure of letters and drop a little useful knowledge on the subject of typography. We hope that this guide will help laymen to better understand a bit about type design, and it might even help those aspiring typographers who aren't sure
The Timeless Appeal of Comic Book Fonts: Unleashing Creativity in 2023
The world of comic books is an exciting realm filled with vibrant characters and captivating stories. The right font plays a crucial role in bringing these tales to life on the page, setting the tone and style for readers to immerse themselves in. As we step into 2023, YouWorkForThem is thrilled to showcase our top five comic book fonts that will take your projects to new heights.   The Timeless Appeal of Comic Book Fonts Comic book fonts possess a unique charm that seamlessly blends
YWFT Ultramagnetic: The West Elm Font for Global Success
YWFT Ultramagnetic: This is the bold, smooth West Elm font choice for the global home decor retail chain, in its worldwide marketing and branding efforts. Whether it's in-store displays, social media, or their corporate website in WebFont format, this font is integral to West Elm's global success. Known internally as "Ultramag," this font carries the emblem of YouWorkForThem's excellence, boasting an inherent dual nature that is both "soft and gothic." YWFT Ultramagnetic, a harmonious blend
Ten Great Movie Fonts For Title Sequences
Choosing the right movie font for the opening title sequence is crucial to setting the tone and building the brand of the film. A well-designed font can make all the difference in the success of a movie's presentation. Take "Jaws," for example, if Comic Sans had been used, it would have completely shifted the mood away from the bloodcurdling terror that the audience was meant to experience. Movies are (for the most part) as unique as the individuals who conceptualized them and we realize
Didone Fonts: The Unseen Influencers of Fashion and Luxury
At YouWorkForThem, we're excited to present an insightful exploration into the world of Didone fonts, a captivating genre of serif fonts often associated with high fashion and elegance. These fascinating fonts, including the likes of Didot font, Bodoni, have adorned the pages of countless fashion magazines and clothing brand logos (like the Vogue font). In this feature article, we'll dive deep into the history and characteristics of Didone typefaces, examining their influences from old fashion
Transitional Serifs: Bridging Typeface History
We are excited to present this feature article exploring the rich history of various font styles, with this edition focusing on Transitional Serif Fonts. As you delve into the fascinating journey of these typefaces, we have handpicked five standout fonts from our extensive serif font collection for your consideration. Discover how these unique fonts have shaped the world of typography and find inspiration for your next design project. The Origins of Old Style Serif Fonts As a replacement
Mastering Variable Fonts: The Future of Web Typography
Welcome to our comprehensive guide on variable fonts, the groundbreaking font format that enables unparalleled control over typography and design. At YouWorkForThem, we have been at the forefront of supporting and licensing variable designs since their inception. Today, we proudly offer hundreds of variable type designs, ready for instant download to cater to diverse design needs. Our commitment to providing clients with the most cutting-edge and versatile resources is what drives us to share
Top 5 Wood Type Fonts for 2023
Wood type fonts have always been a popular choice among graphic designers and creatives. They evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth, bringing to mind the craftsmanship of traditional printing techniques. As we keep on working into 2023, wood type continues to be in high demand for various projects. In this article, we'll take a look at the top 5 wood type fonts for the this year and we’ll into 2024, and how they can enhance your designs.   The Enduring Appeal of Wood Type Wood type
5 Trending Gradient Backgrounds to Enrich Your Digital Designs
Graphic designers, digital artists, and creative professionals are always seeking fresh and inspiring background graphics to enhance their projects. One design trend that continues to dominate the scene in 2023 is the use of gradient backgrounds. These dynamic and visually captivating elements bring a modern and appealing touch to a wide range of design projects. Their versatility and continued popularity make them a go-to choice for designers looking to make a statement with their
Mr. Mockup: The Master of Design Templates and Mockups
As a designer, there's nothing more satisfying than watching your ideas come to life. One way to bring your concepts into the real world is through the use of mockups and design templates. And when it comes to the world of mockups, there's one name that stands out: Mr. Mockup. At YouWorkForThem, we're huge fans of Mr. Mockup and his incredible range of design templates. From food packaging and Apple devices to billboards and more, this collection covers a massive range of design projects. In
Unraveling the World of Vector Art: A Comprehensive Guide
Slideshow: Trundle - Image & Video Collection Graphics   Introduction to Vector Art At YouWorkForThem, we have been a pioneer in providing stock vector art since 2001, being one of the first websites to publish these creative collections and establishing ourselves as a leader in unique and innovative stock vector graphics. Vector art is a unique and powerful form of digital art that employs mathematical equations to create shapes, lines, and curves. These elements are combined
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