Microbe Organism – Abstract Backgrounds from Huebert World
Hugh Adams: Creating Mesmerizing Abstract Backgrounds Hugh Adams, a talented graphic designer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia, has been making waves in the design industry for over 15 years. He established his own online studio and shop, Huebert World, as a go-to source for premium design resources tailored to the graphic design industry, especially when it comes to abstract backgrounds. Hugh's impressive design portfolio spans across various mediums, including book covers,
Abstract Geometric Shapes, Very Real Cool
Do you have a friend that seems smarter, richer, hipper, and better traveled than all your other friends, yet they have a tiny apartment and few possessions? In fact, they own a folding table, two found chairs, a vase containing one flower, two coffee cups, and one picture. They are longer than the couch they sleep on, and a swift visual inspection indicates one closet only. They wear the same clothes often, but they are complimented on their style everywhere they go. What is this person
Shift: Vector Transitions With A Shift-Dash Effect From Vanzyst
Ivan Kamzyst is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Kiev, Ukraine. As a designer releasing work under her personal label, Vanzyst, Ivan likes to experiment with form, approaching every project from a variety of different angles. His methods enable him to create stunning visual effects through vector illustrations used by graphic designers around the world.  One of his most recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Shift, a collection of minimalist geometric abstract gradient
Edward Hopper Abstract Backgrounds: A Digital Design Toolkit
In Tula, Russia, a pair of visual artists have been working together for six years as a “design couple” focused on design assets and resources for projects around the world. Oleg Agafonov and Ekaterina (Katja) Buzova thrive on experimentation, embracing a core work ethic that combines their love of art and design. Oleg is a mixed media artist who began with realistic plein air painting and eventually gravitated toward abstract work. Looking “at reality from the other side,” he
Tertiz: Geometric Patterns From YouWorkForThem Design Studio
Geometric shapes are fundamental to just about everything in our world — natural and man-made. Geometry is essentially the basis for everything we come in contact with during our daily lives, from the buildings we reside in, to the streets we roam and the forests that surround us.   YouWorkForThem Design Studio celebrates geometry in all its forms through Tertiz, a collection of 50 vector illustrations that bring circles, rectangles, triangles, stripes, and dots together to form
Bit Blend Explores Light And Shadow Through Pixel Saturation
Hugh Adams is a photographer, graphic designer, and creator who hails from Melbourne, Australia. With an extensive background in graphic design, Hugh is dedicated to providing other graphic designers with quality resources for their work. His photography is stunningly beautiful, as evidenced in Botanicals, a collection of 44 background images that explore a natural world painted with ethereal light and soft bokeh. Hugh is also a master of digital texture, offering a wide range of texture
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