Aprex Mono: A Classic Monospace Font with Digital Smoothness
Aprex Mono is a classic monospace font updated with digital smoothness. It perfectly blends classic and modern aspects. Aprex Mono is a monospaced industrial version of the Aprex Sans typeface, with extensive multilingual support. Drawing inspiration from a basic sans serif glyph structure, this font comes to life. Furthermore, its perfect balance and optimization culminate in a clean typeface, versatile enough for both display and body text. This versatile monospaced font adds a touch of
Bla Bla: Your Next Display Serif Font
Bla Bla is a contemporary serif typeface inspired by brutalism, featuring large open counters and attractive, rounded forms. Organic curves with their gentle repetitions create a powerful and harmonious effect. This stylish modern family is perfect for communication and branding projects. Bla Bla evokes elegance and class, while at the same time, a rough-hewn strength. As such, it has broad marketing potential across categories. Bla Bla is ideal for visual identity, social media, branding,
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