An Intense Sans Serif From Signal: Pressio
Max Phillips is a man of many talents. A novelist, toy designer, graphic designer, and typographer, Max served as the former creative director at FAO Schwarz, eventually establishing an independent type foundry, Signal, in 2012. Signal is based in Dublin, focusing on type design, lettering, and branding. With Max's wealth of experience in the field, Signal has been recognized by a host of organizations, including the International Society of Typographic Designers, the Type Directors Club
Refrigerator Deluxe Fonts: A Popular Retro Style That Works in Multiple Formats
Refrigerator Deluxe is a very popular font that brings back a particular retro style seen in the mid-20th century. Its inspiration comes from block-style lettering commonly seen in lettering manuals during the era. Created by font designer extraordinaire Mark Simonson, this font is a versatile workhorse, especially with the recent resurgence of retro styles. Simonson's creation sprung out of his fascination with all fonts from past eras. Refrigerator Deluxe more or less came from his
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