Mocking the Past with Cassette Tape Mockups
Hey, Indieground, leave us 1980s veterans in peace! Sure, we know those cassette tapes. They were in our collection when we deejayed the junior high dance in 1981. Turntables? Mixes? Mashups? Nope. We brought our Panasonic tape player from home, and we played your cassettes into a microphone that was taped onto the table and connected to the school's Public Announcement System. A rocking setup for a rocking evening where we didn't stop believing and we approached our first crush with Open
A Layered Type Design With Vintage Flair: Bilcase From Ilham Herry
Ilham Herry is a graphic designer with a background in calligraphic lettering and type design. Based in Bandung, Indonesia, Ilham shows a clear preference for vintage design aesthetics and hand lettering.  In fact, that’s kind of how he made his way into the field of typography. Hand lettering began as a hobby of his, an activity that eventually led Ilham to pursue type design as a career. Hand-painted letters are a hallmark of vintage advertising and Ilham has a growing collection of
TT Limes Captures The Essence Of Summertime
TypeType foundry was initially established in 2013 by Ivan Gladkikh and Alexander Kudryavtsev. One of the first dedicated type foundries in St. Petersburg, Russia, TypeType's primary goal is to design and release top-quality fonts that offer exceptional language support and affordability. To that end, they collaborate with a growing number of engineers and graphic designers to produce exceptional typefaces for a wide range of applications. Every single font from TypeType is painstakingly
LatinoType’s Antonietta Blends Copperplate Styling With Rococo Decadence
As Chile's first digital type foundry established in 2007, LatinoType strives not only to deliver top quality letter sets to the worldwide graphic design community, but to support other type designers in their endeavors. LatinoType is a collective that is working hard to grow typography in Latin America, a field that has been largely underrepresented in South America. One of LatinoType's most recent releases, Antonietta, was designed by Mauricio Astete Brito under the supervision of the
Typnic by Corradine Fonts
Everybody likes to have a picnic: some fresh fruits, cheese, ham, wine and so on. Like a “typographic picnic”, Typnic font system gather many fonts with different flavors too, and you can enjoy them mixed or on their own. Typnic was drawn and calligraphed by hand, and is made with eighteen typefaces, including three totally compatible yet different styles. It also has enhancement sets containing labels, dingbats, patterns and ornaments. The Headline style has six layered fonts that
Distillery Set by Sudtipos
Sudtipos is back this month, and with a rare launch sale on their latest new set of fonts. For a limited time only, download this amazing set of 5 fonts for just $51 USD. That's a savings of 35% off the original price tag. The Distillery Set is a collection of 5 fonts: Display, Strong, Script, Caps, and Icons. The fonts' influences are in lettering from different eras and styles. They reflect forms from the Arts & Crafts movement, the Roman majuscules, artistic printing,
Download Westcoast Letters
The foundry Cultivated Mind has been on a roll this year and this month they are back with another great font family, Westcoast Letters. As a special bonus, they have this new release marked 50% off until December 20, 2014. Westcoast Letters comes in comes in four font styles, extras, frames and page rulers. Westcoast Letters is a sister typeface to the ever popular Pacific Northwest family. Westcoast characters are wider than Pacific Northwest and offer a new style of letters. Extras
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