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The Brandmark Font Family – Unlocking Creative Possibilities for Corporations
Are you in need of a font to give your logo design, branding, and marketing projects a professional edge? With 9 styles ranging from thin to an extra-black font weight and an ultra modern look, Brandmark is guaranteed to make your designs stand out. Let’s take a closer look at what this typeface has to offer. Brandmark isn’t just one typeface either - it includes nine different styles, each of which offers its own unique design elements. The lightest style of the family is perfect for
The All Caps Sans Serif Font with Art Deco Charm
Rinjani is an all-caps sans serif with a "vintage futuristic art-deco touch," as described by the designer. In other words, Rinjani recalls what people in the 1930s thought "futuristic" might look like, realized in the then ultra-contemporary art-deco style. As such, Rinjani recalls Euro-American signage and advertising from that era, while integrating the smoothness of a modern clean sans serif. Rinjani is perfect for visual identity, logo design, branding, package design, posters,
A Simple, Clean, and Powerful Sans Serif for 2022
Are you looking for a modern sans serif font for your next web project or brand? Say hello to ED Bedivere from Eko Setiawan. A sleek sans serif like ED Bedivere goes a long toward explaining how these serif-free fonts evolved from "grotesque" to being the gold standard for clean, versatile and modern. ED Bedivere is a contemporary sans serif font with 9 styles running from Thin to Black, including Regular and Bold. When you explore the type tester, you will see ED Bedivere has exactly
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