Aprex Mono: A Classic Monospace Font with Digital Smoothness
Aprex Mono is a classic monospace font updated with digital smoothness. It perfectly blends classic and modern aspects. Aprex Mono is a monospaced industrial version of the Aprex Sans typeface, with extensive multilingual support. Drawing inspiration from a basic sans serif glyph structure, this font comes to life. Furthermore, its perfect balance and optimization culminate in a clean typeface, versatile enough for both display and body text. This versatile monospaced font adds a touch of
A Great Monospaced Font for App Developers
Iverse Mono from Minor Praxis is a monospace font, which means that its characters all occupy the same amount of horizontal space. The classic example of a monospace font is Courier, the font of typewriters and film scripts: 12 point Courier is usually required so script readers understand that each page of script equals one minute of screen time. Monospaced fonts were also used extensively in early computers, and are still common with software text editors as default fonts, hence improving
OBO Star – A Flexible Fat Font for Vintage Designs
OBO Star is a fat display typeface with, "a not so subtle groove factor," in the words of designer Juri Zaech. With no ascenders or descenders, OBO Star works horizontally, vertically, or mixed like crosswords. Please visit the product page to fully understand just how flexible this funky font is. OBO Star is a groovy font perfect for 1970s vintage designs, or 1960s retro posters. Retro fonts are huge right now, especially '70s vintage fonts and the products, concepts, and moods they
Cindie 2: A Stackable Monospaced Type Family From Lewis McGuffie
Based in Estonia, Lewis McGuffie is a British type designer with a background in hand lettering and signwriting. As someone who is “happy as a butcher’s cat” when drawing letters, Lewis is doing what he loves most when he is crafting type designs. Throughout his career, he’s worked on custom type designs, branding projects, and retail letter sets for the graphic design community. Lewis’ work relies heavily on extensive research that explores all aspects of typography:
Fellbaum Grotesk: A Vintage Sans Serif With Subtle Cursive Elements
Established in 2015 by designer and typographer Sean Coady, Vintage Type Co. celebrates history through its exploration of typography and design. As creative director of Vintage Type Co., Sean understands the importance of typography, citing it as the very foundation society was built upon. He makes a solid point with this observation; after all, without type… there wouldn't be any words on this page.  The self-taught musician has learned a thing or two about design on his own,
A Monospaced Sans Serif From Akufadhl: Generisch Mono
Fadhl Waliy Haqq's has been interested in hand-lettering and calligraphy since childhood. Growing up in Surakarta, Indonesia, he didn’t fully explore his passion for the craft until he was older, taking on the endeavor of teaching himself how to create fonts from scratch around 2012. A few years later and after putting some experience under his belt, Fadhl established his personal type foundry, Akufadhl, a creative outlet that enables Fadhl to explore type design in whichever direction
A Perfect Blend Of Script And Sans: Cosmopolitan From Emil Bertell
Emil Bertell got his first taste of graphic design while attending an arts-driven high school. Multimedia courses allowed him to explore typography at an incredibly young age, inspiring him to create and release his first font at just sixteen years old. Even as a teenager, Emil understood the importance of type in graphic design. It's little wonder why he pursued typography as a career; he has an intrinsic sense for good design and an unwavering enthusiasm for his craft. Since 2012, Emil
Syke Mono: A Contemporary Monospaced Sans Serif That Pairs The Past With The Present
Located in Newcastle upon Tyne, The Northern Block was created by Jonathan Hill in 2006. Known for their anti-establishment approach to type design, The Northern Block flawlessly incorporates comprehensive functionality into each of its letter sets. The final result is a seamless blend of artistry and practicality--beautiful workhorse fonts that offer designers an incredible degree of versatility in their work. The Northern Block's latest release, Syke Mono, is a gorgeously sleek
BB Roller Mono by Studio BB
We are excited to announce another new font foundry at YouWorkForThem, say hello to Studio BB. And for today, we want to feature their first upload to our library, BB Roller Mono. Designed by Ben Bold, BB Roller was inspired by the work of painters: craft, precision, professional attitude and the tools. This typeface is very multifarious and can be used in editorial design, reading texts or headlines. Special characteristics include: clear and simple, grid based and
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