Wild and Versatile Photoshop Brushes for 2022!
Mixer is a brightly coloured, versatile brush set for Adobe Photoshop that is full-tilt groovy. Designer Chroma Supply states, "They're so fun to use, you won't want to put them down," and, "While there are many great uses for Mixer, we think you'll really love using them for creating custom lettering. The brushes will give you an instant fluid, dimensional look to your work." This amazing set is easy to use: select brush, load color, paint! It include 36 brush head shapes and 77 color
Reflexion Background Texture Volume 3 Takes Over Me
First impressions of Reflexion Background Texture Volume 3: goo* from 1950s science fiction; opening credits of James Bond films; Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds; the Lizard King's hot tub; dissected outer-space dinosaurs; post-apocalyptic chemical oceans that smell like roses and taste like taffy; Pink Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive; navigating the asteroid belt hungover; Fordite... Enough. The possibilities are endless with this beautiful gunk. Nicholas Lokasasmita created this
Vivid – Vibrant Ink & Paint Experiments from Chroma Supply
Based in Texas, Jim LePage is an independent graphic designer and abstract artist who, rather took a long road to find a career that would become his passion.  He attended school for guitar construction and repair, delivered pizzas for a few years, and later began teaching preschool. After working as a preschool teacher for about 5 years, he realized it was time for a change. He didn’t know exactly what that might be at the time, but his wife suggested that he go back to college for
Tone — Recolored Paint Textures: A Subdued & Dreamy Collection From Chroma Supply
Established by Jim LePage, Chroma Supply is a studio and online design asset shop that specializes in vivid abstract artistry you can’t find anywhere else. One look at their portfolio and you’ll be hooked — while Chroma Supply’s design assets can be used in a thousand ways and an endless variety of project types, they also stand as unique and individual works of art by themselves. All of this artistry stems from a man who began his career in graphic design most unexpectedly,
Rush – Super Hi-Res Abstract Paint Textures From Chroma Supply
As the founder and main artist at Chroma Supply, Jim LePage has earned a reputation for crafting incredibly beautiful abstract artwork that’s alive with color and a sensation of fluid motion. Based in Texas, Jim is a graphic designer and artist whose career path took some unusual and perhaps unlikely turns. Originally working as a preschool teacher for a number of years, he longed for a career change in the early 2000s although he wasn’t exactly sure what that might mean at the
Coral Paint Explores the Ocean’s Depths Through Contemporary Abstract Artwork
In our natural world, coral reefs are among the most alien places on earth. The largest coral reef and the one you’re likely most familiar with — the Great Barrier Reef — spans about 1,600 miles of the eastern Australian coast. Even so, coral reefs actually encompass less than one percent of the earth’s surface (and less than two percent of the entire ocean floor). They’re only found in tropical and subtropical waters, a characteristic that makes them even more exotic. Full of
Cast – Recolored Paint Textures Recalls The Dreamy and Subdued Tones of the 70s
Jim LePage is a graphic designer and abstract artist made his way into the field in a rather unorthodox way. He spent several years working as a preschool teacher until 2003 when he found himself in need of a career change. His wife suggested that he go back to school, and although he had little to no experience in art previously, he enrolled in a graphic design program at a local college.  "I was not that kid who was always drawing. Other than playing in a couple bands, I didn’t have
Abstract Print Celebrates Geometric Shapes Through Nature-centric Minimalist Design
Paul Cézanne held on to the idea that everything in nature could be depicted through geometric shapes like cylinders, cubes, spheres, and cones. If you think about it, just about every child’s first attempt at drawing a pine tree begins with a triangle and ends with a rectangle. As an artist’s hand becomes more skilled in drawing out the finer details of nature, those basic shapes become more subdued, retreating into the background until they are almost invisible — but their
Recolored Paint Bundle – 60 Dreamy Paint Textures
Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an “arty-farty” know-it-all connoisseur of Art with a capital “A,” abstract art is one of those genres that just about anyone can appreciate because every viewer sees something just a little different. It’s a genre of art where rules just don’t really exist, and that’s one of the things that first drew Jim LePage to abstract art as a creative outlet. Back in the day and long before he ever got into graphic design and creating art,
Inkers – 84 Ink Brushes for Adobe Photoshop Gives Digital Illustrators Everything They Need in One Handy Brush Collection
Based in Senica, Slovakia, Matej Il?ík is an artist and graphic designer whose work shows a clear preference for midcentury design aesthetics. Unlike a lot of people who end up working the visual arts as adults, Matej didn’t really take any art courses as a child. While he certainly enjoyed art and drawing, as most kids tend to do, he actually studied political science in college. Creative purists like painting and art history were things he explored completely on his own
Displaced: 80 Isolated Abstract 3D Textures From Chroma Supply
Jim LePage is an independent abstract artist and the founder of Chroma Supply, a studio that creates and distributes abstract design resources and artwork. Chroma Supply features much of Jim's own design work, but the studio also collaborates with other abstract artists to craft new products for their growing portfolio of artwork. While Jim enjoys his work as an abstract artist, the path he took to reach his current career was a long and winding one. He recalled how, as a child, he was never
Burst: 40 Abstract Textures Is An Explosion Of Color And Texture
If you're into abstract digital art, Chroma Supply should be among your top choices for high quality design resources. Chroma Supply was established by Jim LePage, an independent abstract artist with more than a decade and a half of experience with illustration and design. While Chroma Supply features much of Jim's own work, the studio also collaborates with a number of other artists to create new products and it openly seeks new submissions from would-be collaborators. Abstract art is
Explore Uncharted Territory with Terrain – Abstract 3D Landscapes
Jim LePage is an abstract artist and graphic designer whose career in the field actually began after he left his previous career as a preschool teacher. Around 2003, Jim was anxious for a change but unsure of what exactly that would entail. His wife made the suggestion that he should go back to college, and even though he had never been particularly drawn to art, he enrolled in a graphic design program. "I was not that kid who was always drawing,” Jim explained, “Other than playing
Electric New Artwork From Jim LePage: Abstract Paint Remix Vol. 3
Abstract art is an especially magical, if not oft-misunderstood genre because every set of eyes sees something a little different. Color gradients, swirls, lines, and paint splashes arouse one's curiosity, stretching the limits of perception and imagination. There are no rules, and no expectations. Abstract art can mean anything, to anyone, and that's the beauty of the genre. Jim LePage knows a thing or two about the joy of abstract painting. In another life, he worked as a preschool
Achieve An Authentic Midcentury Illustration Style With 1950s Artist Brush Pack
Matej Il?ík is the brilliant illustrator and graphic designer behind the company, Guerillacraft, which produces tons of graphic resources for other designers and illustrators. With a love for all things mid-century, Matej's work carries an authentically-vintage tone, making his products a must-see for anyone who works on retro-inspired design projects. Matej creates some of the most incredibly useful textures, typography effects, photography effects, Photoshop actions, graphic styles and
Add Vintage Texture To Graphic Designs With Oilvare
Adam Ladd’s livelihood is firmly seated in the fields of art direction and graphic design, having worked on a variety of projects that include magazines, logos, and of course, type design. The Cincinnati-based designer has certainly seen his share of success since he first entered the professional world in 2003, with his work and experiences being featured in several books and on the design review site, Brand New. No stranger to branding, Adam’s current type designs on YouWorkForThem are
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