The Surfbird Has Flown
Every cultural allusion hides a small eternity, and if a work of art pointedly alludes to more than one cultural thread, well...look out. You might have thought a little background on the tune Surfin' Bird and a brief nod toward spaghetti westerns was a good starting point for describing The Surfbird, yet another sporty offering from Vintage Voyage. Set aside the fact that you're back so soon after writing up Voyage's Grodsky, a font whose letters took you back to glitzy New York haunts
A Dynamic Slab Serif From Connary Fagan: Visby Slab CF
Connary Fagan has really created a name for himself in the field of typography, a well-earned status if his portfolio is anything to go by. A graphic designer and typographer with a solid background in identity, branding, art direction, and illustration, Connary has a deep understanding of the role that typography plays in quality graphic design because he was able to recognize it in his own work. He sought to comprehend more about the mechanics behind good type design, which eventually led
Weekly: A Slab Serif With Sans Ambition
Established in 2011 as a subsidiary design studio of LatinoType, Los Andes Type is now a standalone type foundry in Concepción, Chile. Their typefaces tell stories with inspiration found in nature and travel, combined with the designers' personal tastes and experiences. With the recent addition of new designers, Los Andes Type has developed a brand new identity while continuing to offer fresh and innovative products held to the highest quality and design standards. One of their most
A New Slab Serif From A New YouWorkForThem Foundry: Amazing Grotesk
We greatly enjoy taking the opportunity to introduce some of the new foundries that join YouWorkForThem, and we're really excited to tell you about one of our latest additions, Zetafonts! Based in Florence, Italy, Zetafonts was created by Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti, and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini. For more than ten years, Zetafonts has collaborated with a long list of designers to develop beautiful, functional typefaces for a wide variety of applications. They openly encourage
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