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New From Bron Alexander: Matryoshka Dolls Pattern Vector Art
Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, Bron Alexander is a graphic designer and illustrator with a knack for crafting beautiful illustrative patterns in a variety of styles. She’s a self-taught designer who first discovered a love for illustration while working in design for the Waikato Museum in the 90s. As she explored the field of graphic design, Bron’s work developed a more illustrative style, one that emerged further when she spent time working for a local magazine. While that role
A Digital Art Pack With Geometric Flair: Fine Lines IV
Hello Mart was founded by Margaret Penney in 2015. The online shop is a haven for design assets and digital art packs crafted by Margaret and a hand-selected coterie of other digital artists. To say that Margaret is an accomplished artist and creator is an understatement. The Johns Hopkins University alumnus went on to receive her MFA at Columbia University, giving her an incredibly solid foundation that would serve her well throughout her career in the visual arts. With specializations that
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