In today’s fast-paced digital world, getting a feel for a product before making a substantial investment is a necessary luxury. At YouWorkForThem, we completely understand this sentiment. That’s why we offer you the ability to try our design resources (i.e. Figma Resources) first with a basic license agreement. This ensures that you can thoroughly explore and understand the product’s potential before considering any license upgrades.

Experiencing Design Resources with the Basic License

Why does this matter? Simply put, it gives you a risk-free way to commence your design journey. We are aware that each design project comes with its unique challenges and requirements. A certain typeface might seem perfect at first glance, but upon deeper inspection and usage, you may find it isn’t quite the right fit for your project’s tone or style. It’s for this very reason that we have designed our licensing agreements to be flexible.

Licensing Adaptability and Budget-Friendly Options

Our basic license prices are deliberately kept low, and many products are regularly on sale, so you can acquire the basic license at the lowest rate. This approach allows you to begin designing with our files without draining your project’s budget.

Whether you’re considering a Font or a piece of Stock Art, our basic license typically covers most use case scenarios. It’s only in unique circumstances, like needing to use the font in a special or restricted manner, that you would need to extend. For instance, Large Volume Commercial use of more than 250,000 instances necessitates an extension.

That said, this flexibility means you can start designing pitches for your clients without making any commitments to a license extension. You can hold off on purchasing an extension until you are sure the design will go into production. Then, as you understand the specifics such as volume, territory, and so forth we can discuss your needs.

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Managing Your License with YouWorkForThem’s Design Resources

The best part? There’s no need to add the extension until the extended use begins, if at all. This ease and flexibility are further enhanced by our intuitive “Manage License” section. This functionality allows you to add some extensions without the need to contact us. For instance, you may need to increase desktop users, apply web fonts, add an ePub extension, or include a mobile app extension for fonts. For stock art, you may need to purchase multi-user licenses, items for resale licenses, or AI training extensions. All these can be conveniently managed through our streamlined “Manage License” area.

Whether you’re a budding graphic designer, a seasoned creative agency, or a multinational corporation, you can trial, test, and then invest. Our licensing structure and online management tools are designed to make this process as smooth and seamless as possible. At YouWorkForThem, we believe that good design begins with great resources. For an extra dose of inspiration and to stay updated with our latest design resources, follow us on Instagram.