OpenType fonts can hold a diverse range of characters known as alternate glyphs. These characters include discretionary ligatures, swash characters, stylistic alternates, historic forms, terminal glyphs, and ornaments.

Identifying Alternate Glyphs

Font foundries and resellers often document and display the available alternate glyphs for their OpenType fonts through slideshow images on their product pages.

Accessing OpenType Alternates via Software

To access alternate glyphs, you need software that supports OpenType features. While most professional design and production software programs do, some word processing applications do not. Always check your software compatibility before starting your project.

Navigating the Glyph Panel

The glyph panel in your software is your go-to resource for viewing a font’s character set. Begin by selecting the ‘Entire Font’ option and then explore the submenus to find the glyphs you are interested in.

How to Insert Alternate Glyphs

You can insert alternate glyphs either globally (all characters in a category) or individually:

  1. Global Insertion: Select the text and choose the desired category from the OpenType dropdown panel or click on the appropriate symbol.
  2. Individual Insertion: Select the character in your text and then find and click on the desired replacement from the glyph panel.

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