In the design world, it’s not uncommon to encounter companies that operate under different names. A registered company might use a distinct trading name for certain operations. But how does that impact your licensing agreement with YouWorkForThem? You’ve asked, and we’re here to provide clarity on design licensing.

Operational Names and Design Licensing: How It Works

To start, let’s consider an example. Your registered company is “The Red Wagon Co Ltd.” but you trade under “Fire Engine Graphics.” You wonder, “If the license is made out to the registered company, are all products created and sold by Fire Engine Graphics still legally covered by the same license?”

The short and sweet answer is, yes. At YouWorkForThem, the specific entity covering the license for a particular use case isn’t our primary concern. Our priority lies in ensuring that a party appropriately covers the intended use.

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Licenses and Different Use Cases: A Scenario

To put it into perspective, imagine an agency purchases a desktop font license for a typeface to do a job for a client.¬†Whether the agency or the client themselves purchases the extension for a Broadcast use in a television campaign, it’s immaterial to us. Our main concern is that the license appropriately covers the intended use.

Ensuring Proper Licensing: We’re Here to Help

We’re aware that these situations can be confusing. Each company structure and design project comes with its unique challenges. Rest assured, our team is always ready to help make sense of it all for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns about your licensing coverage.

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Stay Connected for More on Design Licensing

Whether you’re “The Red Wagon Co Ltd.” or trading as “Fire Engine Graphics,” your design resources are covered by the same license agreement. At YouWorkForThem, we strive to make our licensing agreements as clear and flexible as possible to meet your unique needs.

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Remember, design is a journey, and we’re here to help you navigate it, no matter what name you’re operating under.