When you buy a Desktop license for a font from YouWorkForThem, you are allowed to use the font to create titles for film/video or motion graphic content. However, if you want to display that content via terrestrial or satellite television broadcast, stream it on the Internet, and/or distribute and exhibit it theatrically/publicly, you need to extend the Desktop license with a Broadcast/Streaming extension.

Broadcast/Streaming extensions provide coverage for all entertainment, educational, advertising, or sponsored content that is broadcast on any terrestrial or satellite network, the internet or exhibited publicly, via digital billboards, streamed on the internet, displayed within video games, or other means.

For instance, with the Desktop license you could use a font to create an in-house video for a corporate shareholder meeting, and exhibit it within the closed auditorium for company personnel. But if the company then wants to put that video on the corporate YouTube channel, you need to extend the license to cover the streaming broadcast.

It’s important to make sure you are covered for this type of use–we regularly encounter cases where font foundries see their work being used in a movie or television show, even as the primary branding/titling for a major TV series, without an extension in place. This news can come as an unpleasant and costly surprise, particularly if the content has been on the air for some time.

SO…how do you get a Broadcast/Streaming extension? Simple, just contact us and we’ll negotiate it for you. Typically quotes are based on the duration (e.g. 1 year, 5 years, perpetual) and territory (e.g. US only, Europe only, worldwide). We’ll okay the quote with the font designer and provide it to you via email, typically within a day or two.

Will you need to use the font for promotional advertising associated with the on-air content? For instance, will the font appear in print ads (billboards, public spaces, magazines, etc.) for the shows or the network? You may also need a Large Volume Commercial Extension to cover instances of use beyond the 250,000 that are allowed by the Desktop license.

We usually can work within your budget, and if you’re buying multiple extensions, we can likely chop a percentage off the total. We structure the fees as a one-time payment. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer, and we’ll also accept a PO, depending on your circumstance.

Whatever you want to do, whatever your budget, we can almost always work something out.

Contact us anytime to discuss how we can extend the license for your needs.