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It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane routines of modern life; we work, we eat, and we go to sleep, rarely pausing to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Every now and again, we’ll meet someone who is living their most passionate life, someone who views the world with wonder and who sees people for the uniquely exquisite creatures that they are. It’s a rare gift, like finding a unicorn or a pair of matching socks in the laundry.

Melanie McCabe is a brilliant photographer and graphic designer, a self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic” who is in love with the world and all of its imperfections. Born into a family who values music, visual artistry, and wordsmithing as a way of life, it’s little wonder why creativity flows through her veins. A free spirit raised in Maryland, Melanie finds inspiration in everything around her, from the smallest leaf on the ground to the widest desert sky. Storms are a reason for celebration, an opportunity to capture the unyielding power of lighting on film. As the night sky moves lazily overhead, Melanie revels in stargazing and secret wishes. When the morning sun rises, a new day filled with light and adventure awaits her.

Melanie has a gift for capturing a page from someone’s personal story through her photographs. Those momentary glimpses reveal so much about her subjects, it almost feels as though we know them ourselves. The “flaws” we tend to critique when we look in the mirror—the laugh lines, the crooked teeth, the freckles on our skin—Melanie sees as our most beautiful qualities.

Her portfolio on YouWorkForThem is extensive and impassioned. Melanie’s love for vintage-inspired, subtly grained imagery is evidenced throughout her work and we’re thankful that she has shared it with us.

Light Leaks and Light Leaks 2 are two series of abstract images intended to be used as overlays or background images. Captured on 35mm film, Light Leaks and Light Leaks 2 offer ten images in each set. For those who seek to add the feel of vintage photography to their design work, both of these sets provide exemplary overlays that achieve the grainy quality and color rendering of 1970s-era film.

Fluid is an abstract collection of ten photographs that focus on the movement of light and liquid. Fluid offers a striking and colorful display of refraction and reflection intended for use as backgrounds or overlays.

Delicate is an aptly named collection of macro, soft-focused photographs of feathers. Intricate wisps of color and light in stunning, larger-than-life detail provide gorgeous backgrounds for a myriad of design projects. Delicate contains 20 high-resolution abstract photographs for print and digital creative applications.

Organic was designed specifically for copy space. This series of macro, soft-focused images taken from nature are spectacular as backgrounds in design projects. Organic offers a collection of 20 high-resolution botanical photographs in breathtaking detail.

In addition to her photography sets, Melanie offers an incredible array of individual stock photography. With hundreds of images to choose from, she has captured some of the most beautiful facets of our world. Ornamental grass shimmering in the sunlight, ethereal lily pads that seem to glow upon the surface of still water, carousel horses racing toward a finish line, the magical bokeh from Christmas lights.

The world is truly awe-inspiring through Melanie’s camera lens. As she herself puts it, “In life, there’s movement in every moment and beauty in absolutely everything. All you have to do is open your eyes, clear your mind then take the time to embrace it.”

And you know what? She’s absolutely right.

Melanie McCabe currently offers more than 300 royalty free products at YouWorkForThem. Visit her portfolio to view and purchase her stock photos today.

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