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AI Art Made Simple: Training License at YouWorkForThem
The revolution in the design world has begun! AI, an acronym that needs no introduction, is leaving an indelible mark across industries. In the realm of art and design, it has opened up unimaginable creative avenues, from AI-generated text to mind blowing Midjourney art and custom Stable Diffusion models. At the heart of this evolution is the tool of AI Training, using stock art to foster and guide machine learning algorithms. Here at YouWorkForThem, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our
Add Realism to Your Designs with These Fingerprint Textures
Bringing a Touch of Authenticity to Your Creations with Fingerprint Textures There's something uniquely fascinating about fingerprints. Maybe it's their connection to intriguing detective stories, the lure of forensic investigations, or the simple pleasure of dabbling in paint without a care in the world. No matter what draws you, the Fingerprint textures collection is sure to captivate you. This versatile pack (download here) is a treasure trove of over 100 high-resolution fingerprint
Neonic 2: Crafting Abstract Backgrounds with Studio 2am
Studio 2am is a collaborative design studio based in Australia. Featuring designers that create “beautiful things,” Studio 2am focuses on creating inventive graphic design assets that make it easy to add inspired and expressive Photoshop effects, including distortions, abstract backgrounds, gradients, and amazing blending masks. One of their most recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Neonic 2, the sister collection to Neonic. Neonic 2 is a stock art series of 30 intense and
Add a Mesmerizing Hologram Effect to Your Photos
The Hologram Photo Effect from Pixelbuddha adds dark, mesmerizing dimension to your photographs, perfect for creating unique content for Instagram! The Hologram Effect creates a look that is both futuristic and retro, recalling the bluish glow of TV screens at night, or the fade-in of a humanoid in the final stages of being "beamed up." This super cool effect creates visual vibrations throughout the eyes and brain, giving your photos an active, reverberating quality. This resonance will
Save 25% Off all Fonts, Graphics, Videos and Photo Downloads
Back again by popular demand, our Cyber Monday sale has arrived! This special promotion closes the year out with great deals on all the products found on YouWorkForThem. By using the coupon code CM21YWFT during checkout, you can save 25% off anything at YouWorkForThem. Plus, our Cyber Monday sale lasts not just 1 day, but for an entire month!* Don't delay...stock up while you can, this is a rare opportunity to download these amazing graphic design resources at extremely low prices. *
Our Biggest Sale Ever, Starts Now!
Cyber Monday is the perfect gift for those of us who prefer to shop from the comfort of our own homes, far away from the jam-packed parking lots, insane crowds, and mile-long lines at registers staffed by frazzled cashiers on Black Friday. With Cyber Monday, you get great deals with absolutely none of the hassle. What could be better than Cyber Monday, you ask? A Cyber Monday that lasts through the end of the year! Save 25% off anything at YouWorkForThem by using the coupon code CM2017
Lorenzo Moschi’s Analytical Eye For Photography
Born in Florence, Italy and currently working in Milan, Lorenzo Moschi is a Digital Art Director and Digital Art Designer. Employed on a design team of NTT Data, he also freelances for various clients and projects. Lorenzo has a strong technical background in creative products centered around marketing, user experience, and business. "I help clients express themselves and their products through iconic brand identities and beautiful experiences," he explained. His work strives to clarify
Top 10 Stock Graphics Of 2016
Milton Glaser famously observed, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” Our top ten stock graphics of 2016 certainly hit that mark with flying colors because each one is innovative and incredibly functional. Only one entry from last year made it into this year's rankings: Neon Type by Dashwood. Colorpong came out ahead, taking the top three spots in 2016. The top ten stock graphics of 2016 are solely ranked by sales on
Visually Dramatic Coastal Themed Collections From Alpha
"Alpha" has many meanings. It is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, indicates the beginning of a series, and signifies dominance within a particular group. It is typically the brightest star in a constellation, yet it is also the early testing stage of software development. The fluid meaning of the term, Alpha, is an appropriately symbolic representation of a multifaceted artist and designer like Michael Paul Young. No stranger to innovation, Michael has enjoyed an incredible amount
Set The Perfect Mood With Lightroom Presets From Presetrain Co.
Alexander Kuzmin is the portrait and fine-art photographer behind Presetrain Co. A master of post-process, Alexander creates some of the most intriguing, useful, and beautiful presets for Lightroom. "I've been a portrait photographer for more than 14 years now," said Alexander, "so the main inspirations come from my art projects and my own workflow." "There's no such thing as a magic button..." His extensive experience in the field of portrait photography gives him an intuition for
The Biggest Sale Ever, Starts Now.
Our always popular Cyber Monday Sale has arrived and we have set over 10,000 fonts, graphics, photos, videos and audio products on sale (50-80% off the regular price). As always, our Cyber Monday sale lasts not just 1 day, but for an entire month! This exclusive end of year sale includes products designed by YouWorkForThem, Yellow Design Studio, Connary Fagen, BLKBK, The Northern Block, BAT Foundry, Fonthaus, Ray Dombroski, Stiggy and Sands, DTP Types, Outside The Line, Alpha, The
Hauntingly Awesome Halloween Stock Imagery
Halloween just isn't Halloween without effective visual effects that set the mood for some truly bone-chilling terror. YouWorkForThem has some seriously incredible stock photography and graphics that can be used for a variety of disturbing applications. If you have a history of heart problems or if you scare into a coma easily, we suggest you proceed with caution... This anxiety-inducing photograph by Maria Jauregui Ponte illustrates one of the most common childhood fears known to man.
Abstract & Living Art From The Department Of Aerial Observation
With drone photography becoming more and more popular, we're given an insight to the world that was largely impossible before now. Stunning views from staggering heights were once only enjoyed by those in mid-flight. The Department of Aerial Observation takes drone photography one step further, creating images that are not just simple photographs, but an entirely new form of art. This amazing photograph, taken from above a temple in Thailand, is a symmetric delight for the eyes.
Beat Tones Photoshop Brush Tutorial The very talented True Grit Texture Supply has put together this short tutorial (with Andrew Fairclough) to help you get the most out of their Beat Tones Photoshop brushes. In the video, Andrew takes you through a basic overview of the brushes, customisation, multi-tone shading as well as more advanced techniques such as painting halftone gradients. Whether you're an existing Beat Tones user or looking to find out how easy the photoshop brushes are
Graphic Design Travels Back Through Time With RetroSupply Co.
RetroSupply Co. was originally founded by Dustin Lee in 2012. His creative market provides graphic artists with quality products that are both practical and innovative, employing the most-loved design elements from the mid-twentieth century. The timeless characteristics of RetroSupply Co.’s offerings evoke an atmosphere of a much simpler time, of a glorious era best observed through the rearview mirror of a brand new 1955 Ford Thunderbird. Palm Canyon Drive is like a smooth ride
Dashwood’s New Photoshop Templates Create Reality Out Of Thin Air
Dashwood prides itself on making graphic designers more productive through products that create ridiculously realistic effects in minutes. Their newest offerings on YouWorkForThem are nothing short of incredible! Neon Type 3 is a Photoshop template file for faster, easier digital neon sign creation. Neon Type 3 is not a font, nor is it a vector file. This template includes 1 PSD file containing stenciled letters, numbers, and some punctuation, along with layered shadows and
Exploring the “Biomechanical”
  Ben Yin Pan Kwok, a.k.a BioWorkZ, has been distributing his work through YouWorkForThem for many years and brands like Converse, Red Bull, Lucky Brand and Ed Hardy are regular customers of his illustrations. Ben takes his alias from the term "biomechanical," as the Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger's signature style was known. From the flowing curves of the lines, often creating intricate spirals and spindles, to the frequent juxtaposition of "natural" shapes with more "industrial"
Collage & Color: Margaret Penney’s Digital Art Packs
Margaret Penney is the brilliant designer behind Hello Mart, an online shop that features and sells the works of various digital artists. With more than 15 years of experience in graphic design, she has a well-trained eye for aesthetics and has certainly mastered her craft. Margaret has enjoyed an incredibly successful career so far, working with brands like California Pizza Kitchen, Sony Music, Live Nation, Verizon, and Modern Table, just to name a select few. After graduating with
True Grit Texture Supply’s Authentic, Handcrafted Approach To Design
Texture is something that’s too often overlooked, yet it adds incredible depth and realism to any graphic design no matter how subtly it’s applied. The overall tone of an image is easily enhanced through the use of textures, as they have the ability to coax a particular mood from a piece of digital art. Texture also adds a “finishing touch” to digital design projects, turning an ordinary mass of flat pixels into something the viewer can almost feel beneath their
What is a Large Volume Commercial font license extension?
When you buy a Desktop license for a font, you are allowed to use the font to create all manner of physical and digital things–signs for a business, social media posts, website graphics, flyers, etc. You can give these things away, you can sell them, you can post them online or print them on billboards or the sides of buses. BUT, there's an instance limit. For fonts that use the YouWorkForThem Desktop license, that instance limit is 250,000. An "instance" would be every individual static
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