Corona is one of the most recognizable beer brands in the world. Known for its signature pale color, Corona is a lager that’s typically associated with beaches, warmth, sun, and sand.

As part of their campaign for a limited edition lager, Corona licensed Thirsty Soft from Yellow Design Studio for their product packaging. Just as a wedge of lime is a perfect accompaniment to a cold bottle of Corona, Thirsty Soft was an ideal pairing for this new campaign.

Smooth and elegant, Thirsty Soft walks with an effortless cool, embodying the vibe Corona wanted to create for the packaging of their limited edition beer. With soft cursive lettering and a heavy vintage aesthetic, it captures the essence of a summer day on the beach: the tranquil sound of ocean waves kissing the shore, the cool breeze in your hair, warm sand sliding between your toes, and you, lounging in the middle of it all with a cold Corona in hand – without a single worry on the horizon.

YouWorkForThem worked closely with Corona to license Thirsty Soft for their limited edition lager campaign, making sure that it covered everything necessary for its use in their product packaging.

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