If you’re looking to give your digital designs a unique, personal touch, sans-serif handwriting fonts are the perfect option. From chic and modern to classic and vintage, our fonts come in a variety of styles that can suit any project. But if you’re new to fonts and licensing, it can be hard to know where to start. In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of sans-serif handwriting fonts and what YouWorkForThem has to offer in terms of easy personal and corporate licensing.


What Are Sans-Serif Handwriting Fonts?

Sans-serif handwriting fonts are typefaces that mimic real cursive writing or calligraphy, but in a standard sans-serif genre. They look like they were drawn by hand but retain all the features of a font—such as kerning, leading, tracking, and other adjustments—so they can be used on social media, websites, print materials, and other digital media. These fonts are often used for logo design or titles because they add an extra level of personality compared to traditional serif or sans-serif typefaces.


5 of Our Favorite Sans-Serif Handwriting Fonts



HLLVTKA evokes the earnestness and serious approach of a kid hand-rendering a Helvetica-like font with adult professional intent. The result is a super-effective font that evokes youthful enthusiasm, creativity, spontaneity, and an unrestrained sense of fun–all transferable to your logo, business, social media posts, corporate identity, web design, book and album design, poster design, and more. HLLVTKA signals the place you want to hang out, the product people made with their hands, the party where you can dress however you want. It’s a Sans-Serif Handwriting Font doing what it does best. One look, and you totally get it.




Expos is rough yet confidently executed, a street-wise font with a tiki twist and heavy noir undertones. The font has attitude: even the lowercase letters are uppercase. This is the street artist that keeps the brush steady and the characters cleanly square, even when he hears the siren getting closer and sees the blue flashing lights. Expos speaks of adventure, city nights, revving motorbikes, flashing neon, sprinting down an alleyway, finding romance as you duck into a shadowy cafe. As such, Expos is perfect for film titles, book design, poster art, digital artwork, fashion design, social media posts, branding campaigns, packaging design, and so much more. Expos is cool, wordly, and all yours.



Dynamic Schematic

Dynamic Schematic is the perfectionist under a carefree, easygoing exterior, the artist that leaves you wondering how they make it look so easy. Dynamic Schematic is a smooth, organic, natural-look font that is nonetheless orderly. Its soft, friendly appeal is warm and relatable, with just the right amount of fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which can lead to serious results: people love a warm, easygoing font that promises they can be themselves, that a product is yummy, that a film is hilarious without being mean. Dynamic Schematic is ideal for poster art, educational materials, film titles, social media posts, visual identity, restaurant design, and more!




Let Owen take you on a trip: it’s got hints of Doric columns, Italian flair, Rio Carnival partying, white sand beaches on blue water, parrots, cocktails with paper umbrellas, white linen suits, and taking the ferry instead of the plane. The Owen font is quirky and fun, with just the right amount of madcap angles to make traffic jams a party. Owen is ideal for magazine design, travel posters, film titles, visual identity, social media posts, book design, poster design, educational materials, branding projects, logo design, and more. Owen is that wild and crazy friend you’ve been looking for!



Casual Look

Casual Look is exactly that–its laid back, Midwestern charm is right on the money for the fashion industry and for book design. But don’t let those suggestions take precedent over your own imagination, as everything and everyone has that special moment that demands a Casual Look. These simple, clean, lean lines are beautiful for album art, social media posts, educational materials, graphic novels, digital artwork, corporate identity, logo design, and more. Casual Look is a perfect, “Why didn’t I think of that?” font, and whether font, invention, or song, that portends very good things. Put on the Casual Look and see how good you feel.


Personal and Corporate Licensing With YouWorkForThem

YouWorkForThem provides simple and easy licensing for our sans-serif handwriting fonts. Our comprehensive options make it easy for designers, studios and corporations to customize their license according to their specific needs—whether it’s for broadcast media, mobile apps, applications, digital media usage, font customization for large volume branding campaigns or anything else. Plus our experienced team is available to answer any questions about the licensing process and help find the perfect fit for your project, 24/7! With over 20 years experience working with corporate brands like Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Whole Foods and many more you know you’re in good hands with YouWorkForThem!

So don’t wait —check out our extensive library today!