Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and every detail counts. From the flowers to the table settings, you want everything to be perfect. And one detail that shouldn’t be overlooked is your wedding fonts. That’s right – the typeface you choose can set the tone for your entire celebration. So, we’ve rounded up the 10 best wedding handwriting fonts to help you make your day even more special.

The point of using a handwriting font is because you prefer a natural, personal feel for your wedding. Whereas classic serif fonts are traditional and sophisticated, handwritten fonts communicate the personal touch, and quite often, a more laid back vibe. But that’s not to say that handwritten fonts can’t be elegant and sophisticated too, as you shall see. Here are the 10 best handwriting fonts for wedding designs:


Friendlist Handwriting Font

Friendlist font is the perfect example of a handwritten font that seamlessly blends spontaneity and swift execution with elegance and measured artistic intent. Friendlist is like those Steve Jobs speeches that appear casual, off-the-cuff, spur of the moment…but in fact they’ve been practiced hundreds of times to achieve that “effortless” look. As a result, Friendlist is an ideal wedding font: it has the warmth and sincerity of ink on paper, but its brilliant style and details make it classier than heck. Friendlist is perfect for that elegant, outdoor wedding that begins quietly under spring skies, but ends with a rocking band under moonlight. Try it out on invitations, menus, websites, directions…any wedding related material, and it will be perfect.



Hamilton SVG

The Hamilton SVG Font Family offers a serif, sans serif, and a script–all hand painted. Inspired by vintage maps and wine labels, this lovingly crafted set will add a timeless, historical ambience to all your wedding designs. When these fonts are used in combination, the vintage feel and impeccable artistry truly come into their own. Hamilton SVG is ideal for invitations, menus, websites, brochures, magazine design, and more. Presented by Tom Chalky, Hamilton SVG is a simply beautiful set, ideal for wedding designs and so much more.



Fine Art Wedding Font Duo

Font duos lend themselves to wedding design for obvious reasons–the way the fonts complement and contrast each other are what make the pairing wed so well. The Fine Art Font Duo is a perfect example, a font duo that is perfect for wedding design. The contrasts and subtle details of the Fine Art Sans Serif push it just far enough toward serif to give it a splash of reserved elegance, while holding back just enough to retain a sans lightness. The Fine Art Script is again a handwriting style most people wish they had: dashing and seemingly effortless, yet artistically consistent and full of verve. Taken together, the gorgeous Fine Art Font Duo definitely goes the distance for all your wedding designs.



The Serif Hand

The Serif Hand font was designed to be as clear and readable as possible, while still having all the organic charm of a handwritten font. The result is a joy to look at. The designers describe The Serif Hand as, “finely balanced,” which is accurate, yet understated. The Serif Hand is perfect. Go to the glyphs tab on the product page, and consider them all together. The Serif Hand is a brilliant accomplishment in all 5 weights, and also includes a light-hearted dotted version, perfect for thank you cards. As for the big event, the clarity of The Serif Hand is ideal for invitations, as its openness and readability evoke a welcoming vibe, full of sincerity and open arms. As such, The Serif Hand is genius for wedding designs and pretty much anything else. We love this one.



Porcelain Font

Up Up Creative describe Porcelain as a, “hand-lettered condensed sans serif font with subtle dip-pen calligraphy texture and some fun OpenType features.” If you only want to pull one word out of that, it would be “fun,” or better said, FUN! Porcelain can evoke a formal vibe, or it can go more madcap and wild. It, “can be dressed up or down,” in the words of the designers. And for wedding design, you want both: the formality of invitations and ceremonies, followed by cutting loose at the reception with champagne and failed attempts to pull out the tablecloth from under piles of dishes. Porcelain hits all those moods and everything in between. This fun font is right on the money for all your wedding designs!



Save the Date Wedding Font

Top this: Save the Date is a font collection consisting of 9 styles and 4 variants–Script, Sans, Serif, and Small…and the entire set was designed specifically for wedding invitations. If the name didn’t clue you in. That said, this diverse and beautiful collection can be used for anything anywhere: logo design, vintage projects, web design, book covers, album art, magazine design, branding and packaging, and more. That said, Save the Date is the optimal tool to easily create lovely, warm wedding invitations with ease. Everybody will be impressed and excited when that envelope arrives in their mailbox. Save the Date is presented by the always awesome LatinoType.



Wild Love Signature Font

Wild Love–we hope the name sparks some visions before you even see the collection. Wild Love comes with a script, a sans serif, symbols, logos, and so many options within each category that you really must visit the product page to take it all in. Wild Love is a smash hit for Instagram quotes, websites, and invitations. Wild Love will make all of the above, “so much easier and fun,” per the designer Angele Kemp. That’s absolutely correct. Wild Love, well, you’re going to love it, and you can’t ask for a better set for wedding designs. The symbols and logos combined with the fonts will make some of the most charming and memorable wedding invitations you’ve ever seen. Your clients, guests, and friends are going to love what you do with Wild Love.



Cheerful Monday Font

Cheerful Monday is for those weddings where priority one is that everyone has a great time. Yes, you plan carefully, but you go about it in a laid back, chill way that understands you just can’t account for everything. You want to have fun too, and do it easy. Cheerful Monday is a fun, inviting, casual handwritten font from Redy Studio. It is perfect for invitations, thank you cards, websites, menus, and more. It’s great for package design, visual identity, social media, book design, and whatever else you want, too. Cheerful Monday evokes extraordinary optimism, as the name would imply. Use this fun handwritten font and create cheerful designs, whatever the day!



Sophia Reign Wedding Font Duo

A handwritten signature font and an all-caps font that are designed to work together in perfect harmony–it’s not surprising that Sophia Reign is an ideal font for wedding-related designs. The designers subtitle this beautiful pair as, “the perfect font duo,” and while some say there is no perfect marriage, why not defy the sentiment by laying the foundations with the perfect font duo? After the invitations are sent, follow up with perfectly paired cheeses and wines, color schemes, music and dancers, the perfectly paired bride and groom? The Sophia Reign Font Duo is definitely a great starting point. The script offers tons of ligatures, which you can unleash your creativity on to evoke different moods and personalities. Another perfect tool for wedding designs.



Rose Flinch Typeface

Rose Flinch is a very powerful font duo that makes strong statements with ease. Rose Flinch creates striking, unique invitations, cards, menus, book covers, social media posts, web sites…everything. The powerful duo hits the mark for wedding designs, giving all your materials a natural, inviting look that nonetheless remains professional and marketable. Your clients, guests, friends, and family will love anything you create with this muscular and original font duo. Full of color and passion, Rose Flinch is another big winner for all your wedding designs!


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