An Astounding New Display Font from Connary Fagen
Designer Connary Fagen describes his new Mezzotint CF font as, "a daring and playful display typeface perfect for logotypes, posters, and editorial use. High-contrast strokes, flared serifs, aqueous connections, and inky terminals give Mezzotint CF its striking and rakish personality." Mezzotint CF is an achievement far beyond the written descriptions above. On seeing Mezzotint CF for the first time, we agree with "striking," but the overall power of Mezzotint CF is such that
A Font Inspired by Too Many Energy Drinks
"Disclaimer: An unhealthy amount of energy drinks were consumed while creating this product." So states Set Sail Studios regarding this fabulous, colorful explosion that also spells words: New Retro. Set Sail's Sam Parrett is the one sacrificing his health so we can take a retro trip to the high-energy '80s and '90s—when energy drinks contained ingredients that are now banned in the USA. This bold, bright superset is roughly bookended by break dancing's break out and the aforementioned
Wild Star Font Duo Rocks Hard, Rides Free
If you don't like heavy metal, okay—fair enough. Many don't, and that's fine. And there are times when even the most ardent metal fan would rather hear birdsong than Judas Priest. The morning after a Judas Priest concert, for example. But most people most of the time have at least a couple powerful numbers that get their heart rate up, and some make a lifestyle out of heavy rock and hard living. Heavy Metal communicates certain images and ideas that are almost universally agreed
Mocking the Past with Cassette Tape Mockups
Hey, Indieground, leave us 1980s veterans in peace! Sure, we know those cassette tapes. They were in our collection when we deejayed the junior high dance in 1981. Turntables? Mixes? Mashups? Nope. We brought our Panasonic tape player from home, and we played your cassettes into a microphone that was taped onto the table and connected to the school's Public Announcement System. A rocking setup for a rocking evening where we didn't stop believing and we approached our first crush with Open
Hot Rush Forward, Cool Memories Rush Back
How people perceive past decades oscillates between facts and nostalgic reinvention. In Midnight in Paris, the main character's novel begins, "Out of the Past was the name of the store, and its products consisted of memories: what was prosaic and even vulgar to one generation had been transmuted by the mere passing of years to a status at once magical and also camp." The main character time travels to 1920s Paris, only to fall for a woman that disdains the decade he so reveres, longing
The Handwriting Collection – The Ultimate Bundle Of Organic, Hand Drawn Fonts
Over recent years, there's been an increasingly upward trend in the public's demand for organic agriculture and organically made products. More and more people are preferring foods with minimal processing, clothing derived from natural fibers, and beauty products free of potentially harmful chemicals. Every week, new articles are being published about what's bad for us, what's good for us, or warning us about things that were once thought to be good but aren't any longer. The news stories
A ‘Soft-Serve’ Sans Serif From Connary Fagan: Visby Round CF
When it comes to strong type design, the name, "Connary Fagan," should be at the top of your list of typographers. His work is consistently well done, providing graphic designers with letterforms that boast beautifully executed architecture and extensive functionality. As a graphic designer and typographer, Connary has a solid background in illustration, art direction, branding and identity, and he crafts his type designs to suit the varied needs of other graphic designers. Having worked
A Dynamic Slab Serif From Connary Fagan: Visby Slab CF
Connary Fagan has really created a name for himself in the field of typography, a well-earned status if his portfolio is anything to go by. A graphic designer and typographer with a solid background in identity, branding, art direction, and illustration, Connary has a deep understanding of the role that typography plays in quality graphic design because he was able to recognize it in his own work. He sought to comprehend more about the mechanics behind good type design, which eventually led
Argent CF Offers Expressive Sophistication
  Connary Fagen has a considerable background in art direction, branding and identity, illustration, UI and web design, and motion graphics. As a prolific graphic designer, Connary has an exceptional understanding of the role that typography plays in his field of work, a perspective that aided his incredible success as a typographer. He began designing fonts as means of supplementing his own font library, later offering them to the rest of the graphic design world. One of his most
The Fascinating Font That Inspired URW Clarendon
URW Clarendon is a version of one of the world's most ubiquitous font families. Clarendon, named after the Clarendon Press in Oxford, England, was designed in 1845 by Robert Besley for the Thorowgood and Co. foundry. The typeface was registered under Britain's Ornamental Designs Act of 1842, the first ever font to be protected as such. The act would have been notable simply for its historical circumstance, as it was the first to protect not just the utility of an object (as patents
Argent CF by Connary Fagen
Argent CF is a new serif font family from Connary Fagen, featuring charming and expressive letterforms, a tall, breathable x-height and a compliment of italics. Open, fluid shapes evoke another time and place; the thinnest weights are airy and smart, while the super bold weight is candid and brassy. Argent CF contains 6 weights + 1 superweight, italics, ligatures, support for numerous Latin-alphabets. As well, Connary has been known to provide free, ongoing updates, bug fixes and new
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