Summer Paradise: A Creative Typeface for Logo Design & More!
SilverStag presents Summer Paradise—a perfect recollection of this year's summer adventures, as the warmth fades. Summer Paradise comes in rustic, solid, and solid rustic fonts styles —each featuring light, regular, and bold font weights. It has the confident air of coincidental perfection, an effortless artistry that results in a warm, natural, gorgeous font. Summer Paradise is a creative typeface perfect for logo design, branding, posters, social media, corporate identity, package design,
A Fabulous Decorative Font, Inspired by French Lifestyle
It's time once again to jump on the SilverStag, grab the horns and gallop! Today it's the marvelous French Chateaux. Another Stag design inspired by France, you can see French architecture, vintage typefaces, modern shapes, fashion, and the globally revered French lifestyle in this fantastic font. French Chateaux includes over 35 chic ligatures! "Its contrast lines and curves will give your design that chic and modern appeal you are looking for," says Stag. French Chateau is perfect for
A First Class Branding Font for Today’s Graphic Designers
First Class has a clean, modern look that is perfect for branding and logo design. First Class says sporty luxury, on-the-go, classic yet timeless. It is excellent for visual identity, luxury goods, package design, social media posts, poster art, book titles, and more—any situation that requires that first class sparkle. And while this luxury serif family can be used in vintage design settings, it can also evoke a fresh, cutting-edge modernity that is completely in-the-now. Plus, First
It’s the Perfect Hand Painted Font…
If you're looking for a brush font that looks like it was painted with an actual brush, you might consider choosing one that was painted with an actual brush: Little Delights. Designer Sam Parrett presents a remarkable 429 glyphs that each started wet. The flowing, brushed appearance is exactly what you need for a painted look that has all the charm and none of the mess. A natural brush font speaks of blue skies, lightness, and buoyant moods. It's a cool breeze and a healthy drink, an
Emil Bertell Has Resolve
Emil Bertell has apparently resolved to cure font-shopping by creating one font family for all needs, all the time: Resolve Sans. He's just the man for the job, as his powerful track record proves. Turku's typographic main man already had something for everyone, with a collection ranging from the hardworking and practical to the artsy and defiant. For instance, consider his PunkRocker when you want that gig poster to shout it out loud, or his Lawrence for sophistication and quiet
LC Gianluca: A Dramatic Flare Serif From Compania Tipografica de Chile
Founded in 2018 and based in both Chile and Argentina, the Compania Tipografica de Chile is operated by Gastón Uribe, Raúl Israel, and Alexis Navarro. The idea behind Compania Tipografica de Chile arose from their shared affinities for type design. When the foundry was established, the designers behind it made a decision to combine their enjoyment of “calligraphy, digital design, lettering and everything that could be about letters,” they explained. The international foundry is
Dol: A Contemporary Geometric Sans Serif From Supply Of Fonts
With a background in branding, UI design, and web design, Changki Han is a graphic designer and artist born and raised in Seoul. Although he works as a senior designer, he works on freelance and commissioned projects that include logo design, posters, illustration, and user interfaces. Changki adores his field of work. “I simply love designing,” he explained. “I know that sounds cheesy, but to start with a blank page and to see the result after months of hard work is very
Glory Culture SVG Font, New From Set Sail Studios
Based in Bristol, Sam Parrett is the designer and typographer who established Set Sail Studios, an online store and digital foundry with an emphasis on expressive handwritten type designs. With a background in graphic design centered on the music industry, Sam’s typography makes you feel something whenever you look at it — while words are conveyed through letterforms, emotions are conveyed through the architecture of the fonts themselves. Set Sail Studios’ releases are always
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