A Fun-Filled Retro Font for Today’s Graphic Designers
We're off to a great start when a new font includes instructions called, "How to Get the Best Result With 'Suffer.'" Things get even better when the designer asks and answers, "Do you hear that sound of Dick Dale's guitar? Here it is!" Hence VVDS Suffer, the great new rock and roll font from Vintage Voyage Design. This fantastic retro font is full of surf rock vibes. Inspired by retro vinyl covers and surf gig posters, Dick Dale indeed roars when the Suffer typeface is added to any graphic
The Surfbird Has Flown
Every cultural allusion hides a small eternity, and if a work of art pointedly alludes to more than one cultural thread, well...look out. You might have thought a little background on the tune Surfin' Bird and a brief nod toward spaghetti westerns was a good starting point for describing The Surfbird, yet another sporty offering from Vintage Voyage. Set aside the fact that you're back so soon after writing up Voyage's Grodsky, a font whose letters took you back to glitzy New York haunts
Classic Didone Style From Vintage Voyage Design: Organum
These days, what’s old is brand new and highly sought after for its nostalgic qualities. Contemporary design tends to favor the classic styling found in vintage design elements, and that’s the specialty of Vintage Voyage Design. Founded by Pavel Korzhenko and based in Russia, Vintage Voyage Design does exactly what its name implies: taking the viewer on a trip straight into the past. Pavel absolutely loves old stuff. Midcentury design elements hold a particularly special place in his
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