Understanding that our customers’ needs may change over time, we’ve made the process of upgrading your license with YouWorkForThem straightforward and cost-effective. Whether you initially purchased a standard desktop font or web font, stock art, photo, or stock video collection, upgrading your license to cover expanded usage is a simple task.

Expanding Font License User Coverage

Suppose you purchased a standard license for a desktop font, which originally covered two users. As your office or studio grows, you find that you need to extend this license to accommodate more users, say up to ten. Rest assured, upgrading your license does not mean being charged twice for your order.

To upgrade your user coverage, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your YouWorkForThem account.
  2. Visit the license section of your account, where you can manage all your past purchases.
  3. Find the font in your list of purchases, click the upgrade button, then enter the user quantity you need to add.
  4. Once you have specified the required number, add it to your cart.
  5. Proceed to the cart page and check out to complete the order.

Web Font License Traffic Increase

Web font licenses are another common area where upgrades may be required. For instance, you might have initially purchased a basicĀ web font license, but your website traffic has since increased significantly. In this case, you will need to upgrade your license to cover the increased number of page views.

To do this, follow the same steps as outlined above, but in step 3, select the appropriate number of page views you need to cover from the upgrade options.

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Upgrading Stock Art License Extensions

You can easily upgrade your license if you’ve bought a stock art product and now need additional extensions. This includes multi-user or items-for-resale options. Simply go to the license area in your account to make these changes.

To add these extensions, follow the similar steps as above, but in step 3, select the item you previously purchased and choose the license extension you wish to add from the upgrade options.

In all cases, you only pay the upgrade price and not the cost of the original standard license. This ensures that you can adapt your purchases to suit your evolving needs without any financial penalties.

*Refer to this article for a comprehensive explanation of frequently asked questions regarding Stock Art Licensing.

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For Your Specialized Licensing Needs

We understand that your requirements may extend beyond the standard parameters. For unique needs such as large volume, broadcast font license, AI training, video game font licensing, and more, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our proactive team stands ready to handle any scenario you may face and provide effective solutions.

With over 20 years of experience in licensing to the world’s largest corporations, YouWorkForThem is well-positioned to handle all of your licensing needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re here to ensure that your creative endeavors are fully supported and legally compliant.