Stipple Brushes—these miraculous Photoshop brushes will add pop-art textures to illustrations, poster, logos, web design, advertising, packaging, branding, visual identity, social media, contemporary art, and more. Paint your walls silver and jump on the pop art express with this great offering from Pixelbuddha.

The set includes 37 brush files in three styles: stroke, stipple, and shader. Stipple Brushes indeed add “a modern twist to a classic style,” as stated by Pixelbuddha. These shades and textures give regular objects new depth, a near touchable roughness or softness depending on how you use them. Stipple Brushes are a great asset for any graphic design toolbox. Give these Adobe Photoshop brushes a try today!


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Pixelbuddha specializes in Adobe brushes, Photoshop effects, Procreate brushes, design mockups, text effects, drawing tools for iPad Pro users, and more. Their tools are designed to be easy to use and practical, while they provide gorgeous results. They make it easy you can focus on work and have fun!

Whether you’re an emerging artist, a seasoned design agency, or a global enterprise, YouWorkForThem is your trusted partner in the realm of design. We offer a flexible and user-friendly platform that simplifies your creative journey. We firmly believe that extraordinary design is born from exceptional resources. With Pixelbuddha’s diverse range of design resources, you can unlock new dimensions in your work. To keep your creativity thriving and stay updated with our latest design resources, follow us today on Instagram.


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