Paint the Town Red with Abstract Forms!
Geometrica Bureau uses basic colors and shapes to create complex, positive results. "Complex" because the Bureau understands that their collection does far more than beautify. Let's start with a simple demonstration: By adding geometric and abstract shapes and loads of color, not only did Tirana, Albania go from drab to gorgeous, but the residents got happy and the city got safer and cleaner. And more residents made sure to pay their taxes. Check it out. You will get the same effects
Crushing Corona Collection, A Free Graphics Collection
Crushing Corona—this huge collection is free, and we are putting it out there as a gesture of unity inspired (whether we wanted it to be or not) by the difficult collective experience we've gone through together, a world united by challenge. We are winning this fight, but the memories, tragedies, and deep emotional imprint will remain with all of us for the rest of our lives. This set is fueled by the optimism, cooperation, and smarts that are getting us through this thing, and we hope
Plastic Textures: This Bubble Wrap Pops
"Vintage" indicates something from a past era, or something new designed to have the appearance of the past. So although the word works to describe most of Indieground's products, it's not a perfect fit. The reason for that resides in the sheer perfection of Indieground's renditions. They are so convincing, that calling them "vintage" in the sense of new things designed to appear old doesn't do them justice. Nor do they have the dusty, found appearance of actual items from the past, like a
Organic Shapes – 100 Seamless Textures From Arseny Samolevsky
Based in Ukraine, Arseny Samolevsky is a graphic designer who creates a variety of design assets that include shapes, patterns, ornaments, templates, brushes, and backgrounds used by graphic designers around the world. No matter what project he’s working on at any given moment, Arseny is passionate about his craft. He has a fondness and appreciation for bold concepts that are cleanly executed, always making sure to pay attention to even the smallest of details as he works. One of
Drink Can Mockups From Pixelbuddha: Easy-to-Use PSD Mockups
Based in Volgograd, Russia, Nick Frost and Greg Lapin founded Pixelbuddha, an online resource of design assets that include Photoshop effects and actions, brushes, text effects, overlays, and mockups.  They’ve built an incredible library of digital resources crafted by others, but they’ve also been hard at work creating and publishing their own products for personal and commercial use. With a passion for all things design, they share useful tutorials and articles on topics related
Grold Rounded: A Soft Sans Serif That Speaks With Warmth
Based in Thailand, Chatnarong Jingsuphatada is a graphic designer who began to develop his talents as a typographer while he was working in the field of graphic design. Many (if not most) designers understand the struggle of finding the “perfect” font for a given project, a problem that Chatnarong often faced, himself. His solution was elegant in its simplicity — he began making his own from scratch. Chatnarong was well versed in typography from an aesthetic standpoint, having
Bird of Paradise Patterns Explore Nature Through Vintage-Style Illustration
In 2013, Ivan Gladkikh and Alexander Kudryavtsev founded TypeType, one of the first digital type foundries to be established in St. Petersburg. Over the years since the foundry began, it's released a number of expertly-crafted and highly versatile type designs for an international marketplace. Their goal has always been to create quality design assets offered at affordable prices, always being sure to do their level best to provide graphic designers with exactly what they're looking
A Beautifully Balanced Sans Serif From Tour de Force: Blond
Tour de Force Font Foundry has been designing and releasing type designs since it began almost a decade ago. Established in May of 2009 as an independent boutique font foundry, the studio is the only one of its kind in Serbia. Slobodan Jelesijevic and Dusan Jelesijevic set up Tour de Force Font Foundry and their "glyph factory," as they call it, has been going strong ever since. Both Slobodan and Dusan carry a high degree of perfectionism into their combined workflow. Where many people would
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